Sisters….Never Marry A Poor Man!!!

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Money plays a big role everywhere in our daily lives, but does it contribute to a happy marriage or a happy relationship? I am not sure about this, but if it were my wish, I would wish my female relatives, whether cousins , sisters or daughters be married by a wealthy man or either have a relationship with a wealthy person, why should they go for a poor man? They should get the best of the best!!!!

Poor men can sometimes create havoc in a relationship or marriage, they bring anger in the relationship without their knowledge, they mostly remove their angers by either beating their kids or even by beating their wives.They complain over small issues especially when their pockets are empty completely.

On the other hand, rich people can get everything they want, or desire to get, but are they always happy, I dont think so but I would  prefer to be rich and miserable than to be poor and miserable. Rich people have their ways of trying to fight their miseries, of course some ways are not too good, like using cocaine or drinking too much, or maybe, these falls in both categories, poor ones sniff parafins and smoke marijuana, because cocaine is  too expensive to buy.

All in all, this is a difficult issue to discuss, but still If I were a woman, I would prefer to get a wealthy man in a relationship, I know some will say it all depends on falling in love, let me tell you something, this is a 20 th century and being in love wont give you food, pay your kids school fees, buy you shoes and so on….get someone with enough dough to take care of you, and if you dont get wait until you bump into one… is too short….by the way what am I??? RICH OR POOR?

I am Richpuur… indian nickname…..just never go for a poor man, always take the best of the best my dear sisters!!!……butdoisay!!!!

Clay Onyango.


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8 Responses to “Sisters….Never Marry A Poor Man!!!”

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Interesting..I kinda don´t see it that way because unfortunately that kind of thinking is what makes a lot of sisters sit on their lazy asses doing nothing waiting for that rich dude to handle all the business. Basically having no education,making no effort to get a job because “hey they waiting on that baller to spend dough on them” Very sad…I was raised to believe in being independent economically in that if shit hits the roof ( relationship-wise) I´ll be good and not being dependent on someone else for that kind of security. On the real though, I have dated from both sides, wealthy dudes with influential surnames back in jamhuri and some not so wealthy ones.Trust me at the end of the day its the individual that matters. Some wealthy dudes happen to be the stingiest mofos. One should be able to put herself in a position that she can always handle her business and take care of her affairs without dependency on someone else. period!

Rich is a relative term as well as poor, you might be rich clay but when we put you around the william gates and the abrahamovitch’s,you won’t be even worth polishing their shoe’s, as well as you might be poor to them but if you move to a remote part of mongolia or some funny poor country like our kenya(sic), folks down there might even name part of their currency after you au sio?????
I agree with Mukami that you should be in it for L-O-V-E cos armed with that, even if you get a rich partner and the quid dries up, you still have love, and if you get a broke partner and work hard and smart enough to get loaded, you still got love.
So basically what i’m trying to say to ma brother’s and lovely sister’s out there LIVE ON LOVE!!!!!!!!
ps: I Lovey’all

Thank you very much Mukami, what happened to being inde
independent? Why should I look for a rich guy
while I can work hard and be able to support
myself? I would rather have a guy who is good
with my kids than a rich man. Riches comes from
the heart. Sisters get married to poor guys
hoping that one day they will get rich or what
that poor guy gives her no rich man can. We
all have seen cases where a rich girl falls head
over heels with a poor guy from the hood. Do you
think we girls think about money all the time?
Hell no. We think about what you can for me or
what you can give that is not out there already.
Love is the word, love the way one looks at you
love the way one talks to you or the way that guy
makes you scream for more. So please if I see
my sister with a poor fellow I will just say
good luck.

“Money is not everything, but sometimes it’s the only thing”

Cudnt agree with u more. Ur absolutely right. The thing is for centuries we women have been judged for our looks and men having their pick. If its a woman’s responsibility to look good, its bloody well a man’s to support his wife suitably. The poorest of men will pass comments on their wives that her #^&% is better than yours..or wish i had a wife/GF like her, but never want to be judged themselves.

Lets not forget A man Cumms for a few seconds in pleasure and voila …he becomes a father. I dont have to remind you what kinda trauma it it involves for a woman to get that title of being a mother. Thats nature’s injustice.To compensate for this disparity, A man UNDOUBTEDLY ought to keep his wife, home n hearth well to do without any lack. If he does it, its gonna be a happy family. Else he ought to remain single n not dip into yhr joys of marriage.

sorry to tell you but money is the root of all evil I married a poor man who became rich and now buys attention from stupid young girls while I take care of his house and children. I would do anything to be poor again and have my old husband back.

to weesel…. he’s talking about marrying a rich man i.e. someone who’s already economically stable and established. not marry a poor man who then become rich after u marry him. such a man can be the biggest idiot because he’s not used to getting attention from pretty girls when he was poor

You marry a poor man be ready to care for your offspring all by yourself! I would never marry a poor man! You are a stupid woman if you marry a poor man. They are like leaches and all women should work after the children enter kindergarden. Poor men cannot provide for their offspring! They are at the bottom and you are going down the same road. Do you think it’s ok for your son or daughter to see a poor father. They will be the same as daddy. No ambition! Your children deserve the best father! Give yourself your worth! You deserve am man with money and deep love and respect for you! Men call you a gold digger to lower your self esteem! Don’t let them trick you into feeling bad for them and you care so you marry. Be strong and date only men with professions. YOU are stupid if you marry a poor man!!! Your children will suffer! Marriage is a contract to love and support eachother. But if you marry a poor man you get stuck taking care for him! LOL! Smarten up girls! This is why you look at the ricj bitches with nice stuff and beautiful homes and you’re lie “why don’t I have a nice life? Because you made the wrong decisions! You decide how your future!

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