The Embarrasing Moments

Posted on October 15, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

We have all been embarrassed in one way or another, and i have just remembered some two moments that I felt so embarrassed that i felt like hiding under my skin..allow me to share with you….

 One time, some years back, we went to visit a friend, we were about 5 guys and as you know in Kenya we do not call to say that we are coming…we just go and surprise our friends and relatives, so we arrived at the friends place, he was living with his grandmother who was around 65 years by then. Our friend got up, went to the kitchen to prepare some tea, so we remained in the living room or sitting room as we call it with the grand mother and enjoyed our conversation while she was just seated there with us. Our friend came back with the tea and as we were enjoying it, the grandmother stood up to go to the bedroom.As she stood up,part of her dress was tucked in her afuongo( pants) exposing one part of her btks, we did not know what to do ,you just know how grandmothers walk slowly….she just walked into the bedroom and came back again in the same manner, she was just walking around the living room fixing a few things here and there the same way and did not realize that her dress was swallowed by her pants….what should we have done???

So I signalled our friend, who decided to call her into the kitchen and fixed the grandmothers afuongo…..we were so embarrassed….

Another story: As I was living with my brother, there was a time I had just come from the bathroom with a towel around the waist, and you know from the bathroom, you had to pass through the sitting room, where we had some relatives…as usual who never call to say they are coming….so as I was shaking my hands my nephew who was 5 years old pulled the towel and exposed my underwears….and then he goes like, uncle clay umejikunia? (Uncle clay have you poopod on yourself?) Then I said no!!!! why? And then he points at them….in my underwear…

Then I wondered why did he think that I had poopod on myself? I came to figure out that when he removed the towel, he thought I had a diper since my____ were hanging in them, and then he thought it was poopoo….kids!!!!…..will always be kids…that was not poopoo,that is meant to be there……butdoisay….

True story: Clay Onyango

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