The Meaning Of Buffet…

Posted on October 9, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Dear readers, the meaning of Buffet in a restaurant is to eat as much as you can in small portions and not to pretend that you are full and carry home.

 I have been eating in a chinesse restaurant lately, where they serve buffet during lunch time, and I have been seeing some African brothers serving themselves as if it was the last lunch, I almost told them off:” its buffet brothers take it easy”!!!, I could see  shrimps, meat, sallad and noodles hanging from their plates as if they were scared to be consumed. That was just the first plate……

After a few minutes, the shrimps and noodles were consumed and then it was time to go for a second help, just like the first one, the shrimps, the meat,the salad and the noodles were hanging from the plates….the owners of the restaurant were just staring at them in disbelief….and after a while the second plate was consumed…

“Are they going for the third plate surely?? Yes they did….

They went for the third plate, and this time… I guess it was  belching time since they were not eating these food….you could just hear them discussing and then suddenly, one of them lifted his hand to attract the waitress attention, just like we used to attract the teachers attention in School….the waitress came, and they were like; “we cannot eat these food since we will be late for work, can you please pack it for us? ” These were about five plates…..

The waitress took the foods and packed for them as a take away meal……

So after a few days I decided to go to the same restaurant with a friend of mine , and as we were about to order at the cashier, the lady at the cashier was like, “NO…. YOU NOT EAT HERE AGAIN”  with her broken English in a chinesse accent…we asked her why? Because you eat too much and carry home…we were like,” no its not us”….”its not us”…… you know in their small eyes we Africans look alike…..but fortunately one of them came from the kitchen and recognised us and said we were not the ones…..

See, we were almost being punished for an offence we did not do…..our dear African brothers please have some table manners serve yourselves in small portions if its a buffet, and I promise you, you will enjoy your buffet meal in a right manner…..butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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8 Responses to “The Meaning Of Buffet…”

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thats just shamefull!!! yeah some pple need to understand/be taught some of these terms associated with food and restaurant behavior.

I bet it was west africans, no hating but those guyz are wild when it comes to courtesy and manners.
Style up pliz fellow africans!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL! Invite some of our brothers to a party! Well they will serve food not even considering that there are other guests at the party! I mean when u go to a party si ati ukule mpaka ujaze tumbo style like its the last meal!

Some of their supporters to “BLEED” with me to step down, “I CATOKRALI rejected request…Reads Mr Money hystikary..oh dear..Livondo got the money, the looks, timam dressing code so what went wrong….

oh, please, why is it called a Buffet?, well,coause you need to eat till you drop.
Clay let african men eat!!

I also thought so at first Eunice but upon further reading you will notice they even went ahead and asked for the food to be packed for them hahahaha that’s what killed me with laughter.
You just can’t have buffet and take away, otherwise i would just rent a pick up and come with it to your buffet and TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING hahahaha.

This brothers make you wanna go under the table
and hide you face. How do you say in a kind way
my brother the food is still alot take a líttle
and come for more later.

Pole for digressing (the Livondo issue).
Anyhow you can take a man out of the village but you cannot take the village out of him!! (And i digress again)Sometimes i ask myself if there are kenyans with this habit of being loud and obnoxious? There are Africans who would make you think they were arguing and about to exchange blows until they burst out laughing and it occurs to you that they were only conversing! Its so humiliating especially in public places. Or someone speaking on the phone in a bus or train but shouts like he is addressing a crowd?!

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