Ann Okoths Passport!!

Posted on October 2, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

With all due respect surely, cant the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm Sweden, help its citizen Ann Okoth at least get her passport or even get an explanation as to why her passport has delayed in Kenya?This is her right, and its sad to see the embassy officials coming up with no answers or explanation to let Ann Okoth know any information about her passport. Peter at the embassy is just a mere translator and I believe he cannot do much to explain the where about of Ann Okoths passport in Kenya.Its so ashaming that a passport issue has to put the President under attack while those he chose to work under him are just keeping quiet with no explanation.Its high time the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm should start taking Kenyans in Stockholm as Kenyan citizens and not as enemies or dissidents.In each family, be it a Kenyan family,a Tanzanian family and even a Swedish family, there is always an odd one out , but that does not stop him from being a member of the same family.Yes the embassy might think that some Kenyans in Stockholm are odd ones out by the way they attack the Kenya goverment or the Embassy, but we cannot do much about that since they are still Kenyans and they are part of our family.The embassy need to portray a good image and handle such small issues well.

All the critics and attacks should be handled diplomatically inorder for Kenyans to prosper….and I believe that is the meaning of a diplomat… handle issues diplomatically…

Embassy officials should  get an explanation, and if its beyond their capacity  let Ann know so that she can get help from concerned Kenyans…

there are other fast ways…..butdoisay….

Dissapointed Kenyan!!!

Clay Onyango.


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