Pimp Your House!!

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Dear readers, this topic seems not to matter but please pimp your own apartment or house, you live in Europe, and when people come to visit you from Africa they do not notice the difference, the only thing that looks good is the refrigerator and the cooker that you find assembled in the apartment when you check in, I have been to the US and other European countries and the way people live is pathetic.These includes our white dear friends.

 People do not clean their cookers and the oven after cooking food, God am loosing my appetite already, I would prefer eating from the pots that we use in Africa than to eat in some homes in diaspora.

The toilets?…I have no words, the colour has changed to brown from white colour….

The sink?.. looks like Kariba dam, hairy, dry tooth paste,old meat particles from the mouth all over the sink…

When you look at yourself in the toilet mirror you see 8 broken faces in the mirror, you dont even know which one to look at…..Plizzz….Pimp your toilet!!!

Dont you love yourself ? A home is a place where you should relax and feel good and not a place to chase rats, flys and coakroaches…..

Some tips>

– Always wipe the cooker and oven immediately after cooking

-Clean the  sink immediately while in shower

-Clean the toilet using the toilet brush, immediately after the damaging explosions…since you leave some landmarks all over the toilet…..

-When you gaggle and pour water with tooth paste from your mouth, wash the sink immediately, since you splush the gabbage from your mouth all over the sink….

Do you know the reason why many friends and relatives say no to the food  you offer at your home?…. its because of the first dirty impression they get from the cooker and the toilets when they visit you…they preffer to drink from the bottles since they know that you did not make them…….

I can understand you do not have to have a big screen and good furniture, but your hygiene is all that matters….dont look too good in a suit or dress from outside and yet you are dirty at home!!!…….Plizz pimp your house…….butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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5 Responses to “Pimp Your House!!”

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hahahahahha and one more ha, that was really funny i LMAO butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see you paid my house a visit. The thing is am too lazy, am even contemplating on importing a mboch. There is to much pest infestation that i have totally given up, the lil’ bastards have taken over my house and instead of me chasing them they are chasing me out. Burp* beer cans are more than the utensils in this house..hic*. Does the programme of ‘pimp my ride’ exist in house pimping version? Maybe i should start it! Whatshayyou?

Ebony dear,Dont worry orkarinte.se can pimp your house for a small fee dear,visit http://www.orkarinte.se.

I almost forgot bout ‘Clay orka om du inte orka’. Be prepared for a hard days work!

ihope the rite crowd will soma this….if names could be mentioned i could come up with alist….not all of them are diaporeans…….

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