Railas Hummer A Donation From Celestines Brother…

Posted on September 25, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Railas Hummer!!!! You see it on Tv, on the Kenyan newspapers and wonder, where did Raila buy his hummer? He revealed when he was in Kisii sometime back that he was given the hummer by a Mr Gichana, a Kenyan diasporan businessman that was living in the US but now lives in Kenya. Did you know that Mr Gichana is Celestine Gichanas brother, a Kenyan diasporan living in Sweden, an actress by profession, who appeared on Swedish screens with her movie “SÄG ATT DU ÄLSKAR MIG”. The movie was a bomb and  Celestine, a Kenyan, really acted her part so well that it became a “nuclear”…….she is now working on an international  movie to  be shot in Kenya early next year.

Mr Don Bosco Gichana who is only 28 years, is a good image of a diasporan who lived in the US and went back to Kenya, to fight for a change in Kenya, this makes me think, maybe we should get a diasporan Presidential elect for the next Presidential elections in 2011, not because of the hummer issue but because the diasporans have seen it all, wait a minute what can I offer Raila, chickens, ducks or horses……nothing but love, good luck and all the best in his campaigning for the Presidency……………..Butdoisay……

Below is an article from the standard newspapers when Hon Raila revealed the Hummer Issue:

The Lang’ata MP also revealed that US based businessman, Mr Don Bosco Gichana, was the donor of his Hummer that has caused a stir during his tour of Kisii and Southern Nyanza. “There have been many stories over how I got the Hummer. Let me tell Kenyans today that it was bought and given to me by Gichana,” he said before introducing his benefactor.Gichana later told the Saturday Standard that the vehicle was initially meant for the entire ODM team. He said he arrived at the decision after Kenyans in the Diaspora realised that Raila was the most popular among the ODM brigade.

Clay Onyango.


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8 Responses to “Railas Hummer A Donation From Celestines Brother…”

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Clay ,a little correction,when yu say the movie was a bomb,in the movie parlance “a bomb”means a flop so next time bro ,but do l say

Can you pliz give us the exact date and headline of this newspaper so we can check it,you know during this era of globalisation we have to have proper facts b4 we can quote anything otherwise it might come back to haunt us?
Secondly, are you trying to say that movie was a hit based on the box office sales or on the fact that it made it on Swedish screens? Well, then again i wouldn’t like to seem to be player hating, it’s just coz i don’t have facts and i’m curious to get them right butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS: my brother is Sean Carter,before you start laughing just remember all black men are brothers************

Saturday May 26, 2007
Raila: Why I supported Kibaki
By Beauttah Omanga and Maseme Machuka

Thank you for the facts on the news paper articlen at least now i can rest assured that you do check,confirm and reconfirm your facts b4 serving them to us, there is just one small issue you left out, about that movie being a hit, what was the box office sales?

Baba Nanii..LOL..let the movie be. The movie was ‘the bomb’ to most kenyans since it had their own among the cast (i suppose). I think i heard bout the movie but didnt get a chance to watch it, Clay do you think i could get the movie in dvd format in the video stores? Btw what year was that movie made/show? Or wacha i stop being lazy and google.

Hi ebony,
Yes its on DVD, jaribu u rent it, its a good movie,and yes I meant it was a bomb since a Kenyan
was involved in the making…by the way…umepotelea wapi…are u still pimping your home…

Mahangaiko na shughuli za kila siku. Sawa i shall check the movie out. Am off to pimp my crib orkainte style!

Fast forward and see you great diasporan in the dock for bank fraud! Presidential material indeed.

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