You Look Like A Bunch Of Man Eaters!!!

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Call a spade a spade and thats what Africans are, am an African myself but things that our ethnic group do is an acceptable and ashaming. In response to the Masai warriors comment, the white old couple said “you look like a bunch of man eaters”-dont you think its true, though we do not eat man practically, we eat them mentally by our behaviors, and the funny thing is we eat ourselves, we are not always victims from other races but from our own race too. Look at Liberia, Rwanda and Zaire, the cutting off of limbs and hands of children, men and women using matchets does not justify Africans as human beings but man eaters, we come from a man eat man society. We make sure that our own people do not progress.

Look at our business structures, we are not there to support one another, in Stockholm alone there are many shopping malls set up to sell different food menus from different countries of the world, you would find all food menus from all over the world but not an African restaurant food menu, why? Because we do not believe in ourselves, neither do we trust ourselves.

Look at Taj Mahal, an Indian shop in Stockholm selling all kinds of stuff from Africa, the shop has been there for ages, and most of the clients are Africans.

Look at Chakula restaurant in Stockholm, another example of who we are, the restaurant sells African food and the owner is a Swede.

Look at our Presidents, Mobutu Seseko, President Mugabe, Arap Moi, Idi Amin and the list goes on, aren`t these a group of man eaters? Eating the economy of the country is like eating the population of a country. Its unbelievable to see the  population of Zimbabwe fleeing from the country at this century , since there is no life and  no food to eat…..but Mugabe being an African proud President does not care and would not even think of stepping down so that the Zimbabwean people would get a life. 

And to put the old couples comment in the right manner…..she meant “you are a bunch of man eaters” and not “you look like a bunch of man eaters”…..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango

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3 Responses to “You Look Like A Bunch Of Man Eaters!!!”

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Brother butdoisay
Despite all, we are still NO MAN EATERS!
If you agree with the tired old couple that guards the Pavilion that as he put, we look like a bunch of man eaters, or rather as you seem to agree, that we are a bunch of man eaters, how then would you define the colonial master who is behind all the shame that we have inherited from the out dying generation? I have not stagnated in historical events but it still and for many years to come, influence our action, behavior in dealing with reality whether at home or in Diaspora.

By virtual of being African does not guarantee one to be a bunch of man eaters just because your political leaders have been eating their fellow black community members for 100 years now. Or does it?
As a black non man eater of a proud Maasai African society, a civilized, decent member of task group of development conscious Africans in Diaspora, a well disciplined personality with high sense of dignity, I stand to be corrected but we are not a group of man eater!.

Despite inheriting bad behavior like that which was ODM guys displayed at the Pavilion in Stockholm, e.g., repeated fighting, standing on the premises tables, shouting loud in public or in a meeting, cheap and undesirable aggression, putting less value and disrespecting time meaning, and public disturbances, I still blame it of individuals and not folk group. All individuals are responsible for their behaviors despite any influence.
With all due respect, brother butdoisay, you are buying a bad misrepresenting and discriminative argument.

I though understand you because you are equally frustrated like anybody else on how in the whole world can people who seam to be civilized conduct such brutal man eater-like-acts against it’s own people?

Being black is the best I know but having the kind of leaders like those mentioned by brother butdoisay, is a shaming, abusive, intimidating, and represent nothing but evil.

Africans aren’t evil are they? but the capitalist who highly value profit far above human life(NOT ALL CAPITALIST THOUGH)- has inoculated poison and madness to himself and unto the people who are supposed to be our leaders.
They have turned them(our corrupt leaders) into devil servants and command them to represent the devil master in elsewhere in the world, the rapist, a dangerous uncompromising human and natural resources reaper! Watch out for them…. The ask them to chop off a few kids hands and limps so they can run away from the gold fields, They train and drop explosives in Mukogodo in Laikipia district of Kenya which has always been a gazetted military training zone for both western and African troops not considering the black Maasai warriors who live there. They have no respect for me and my people, neither do they have respect for my nature that my society has given their hearts and souls to keep it save. They kill us and kill our nature eliminating chances for our coming generation to survive! Gentlemen, the future is soon here and history is going to judge you severely.

They systematically turn everything they touch to be extortionists, murders, ticks killers and so on. They have lost touch on empathy and human feeling. In that sense, those individuals are for sure as butdoisay and the tired old guards of the ODM Pavilion puts, a group of man eaters.

To the defense of the old couple, this man eaters deserves no apology from you though they might still win a case with good evidence and exhibit in front of the eyes of the law. But to your disadvantage, you are have a problem to say it mildly and butdoisay is now on the writing table to fully elaborate himself without letting that painful pinch of frustration, causes an earthquake in any Africans life, lack of personal decency, respect, low personal dignity and the horrific inferiority and superiority complex.

Despite this, I stand to be corrected but WE ARE STILL NO GROUP OF MAN EATERS!!!!!! ARE WE?
It is all about dignity, identity,sence of disecy

Despite all, we are still NO MAN EATERS!

We eat each other, period!!!!

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