Finally,Lisas and Tonys Wedding Is Over…

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The long awaited wedding is over and Lisa and Tony are now officially husband and wife, if you were winking at either of them, its time to look for someone else to wink at, lakini macho hayana pazia unaweza mezea mate tu….but do not cross my borders…..butdoisay!!!!

Well the wedding was a success, Kenyans turned up in a huge number, and the couples were dressed to kill, they looked so relaxed and I guess everything went as planned.

Kenyans dressed like hollywood stars and high profiled dignitaries……”I am glad they followed the article mind your dressing”….
My friend Mberi was dressed like Nelson Mandela, have you seen those Mandelas shirts, well designed and very expensive, thats what he had, I wonder if he has to return it back to Mandela, but I guess Mandela has plenty and if it could fit Mberi then it means it was too tight for him….and Mandela had probably given it to charity…

My Friend Gathuku wa Muirani, was also very well dressed in a yellow suit, and a very colourful tie that matched his outfit, Muirani looked like Dr Dre the music Guru, I waited to see if Snoopy dogg would turn up beside him, but it was Mwaura who turned up instead, he looked marvelous but he forgot his God papa hat otherwise he would look like Snoopy dog, I guess he forgot his God father hat in the Limo.

My friend Jay looked like Muiranis-Dr Dres bouncer he looked good too but had to change later since he is not used too looking that good, he likes his casual wear that makes him look like 5O cent a rap artist…..

I also noticed my friend Mbugua in a colorful suit probably a Sean John suit , with a tie that reminded me of a cow tongue, after it had just eaten grass, since the colors were so wonderful, a combination of green like grass and blue like a bile……he looked like a black eye pea-an American rap group.

My friend Munala wa Munala was also very well dressed in a black stripped suit, he looked like Kalonzo Musyoka the Presidential candidate, I was glad to meet his wife and kid, a good family indeed….we wish them all the best as the Presidential campaign continues…..

My Friend Jeff Ole Ngais also looked wonderful in his attire…..I guess it was an ARMANI, though he was abit busy documenting the wedding, he looked like the late Mohamed Amin, the well known Kenyan photographer, with gadgets all over…..I can see Mohamed Amin is still living within us….

Not forgetting our deareast Kenyan women, did you see Clays wife she was dressed in a white African versace attire, matched with silver Gucci shoes…..does Gucci make shoes really?? Kenyans could follow the smell of her Burberry perfume as she passed by……another scent of a woman….Oprah Winfrey watch out….

Catherine Maundu another dear friend and a lovely lady was dressed to kill in one of her African attires…she always looks gorgeous…but you dare not touch or admire….an Oga brother has signed a life time contract….. she looked like Halle Berry, a holly wood actress….

Winnie….a Kenyan beauty turned up in a well designed outfit probably a valentino outfit, bright colours…she looked like, Toni Braxton..another hollywood artist…

Susan Mukami a good friend, also a Kesofo chair lady looked gorgeous….she resembled Condoleeza rice….just like Condy, who is a simple Madam, she decided to promote her country, she wore a lovely simple outfit made in Kenya and combined it with the latest Bata shoes with tsavorites beside and a big bit of tanzanite on top…..talking of patriotism!!! 

Last but not least, I dressed myself in a versace African outfit, combined with Bjorn Borg shoes sparkling in the blood diamonds….and at the reception, I got baptised the name OBASANJO, the nigerian President, as I was walking I noticed some diamonds were falling off my shoes, but I am happy I made someone rich…….I guess I stole the limelight…..butdoisay….

SEE. ….it was an all star starred Kenyan wedding…….I wonder who is next…..butamasking….

Clay Onyango


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