Mind Your Dressing…

Posted on September 12, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

As Kenyans in Stockholm are preparing themselves for Lisas and Tonys wedding on saturday, I know we are running into shops looking for what to wear on this occassion, clothes are expensive here and some of us will prefer to use the old suits or dresses we have had for ages, thats ok too but keep this in mind, since you have not worn them since time immemorial they might have grown old and its easy for them to tear apart while you are getting off the chair to get a drink or food…make sure the threads are intact and double check on the D day if they are still firm.Am talking from experience…last week I had a very important meeting, and I picked up my linen suit that I have had for a long time…it was still in the laundry paper and it looked new and fresh, at the meeting all seemed to be ok because I did not realize until after the meeting in the car that it had 3 big holes in the middle enough to fit a coca cola bottle…no wonder I was feeling winter in between my legs but I did not realize it.

My worry is, I was seated so comfortably in this meeting with my legs wide open while shaking them on a sofa, I am not sure if my clients saw the holes but I bet they did….and they never mentioned it to save me from embarrasment….so I say to you please mind your dressing….and if you feel winter between your legs double check, its unusual…..butdoisay….
Clay Onyango


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3 Responses to “Mind Your Dressing…”

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Weee Clayi wacha aibu bwana! Toa chapa ubye thread mpya! Se sato! Cheers!…Mberi

Mr Mberi I have decided to change my warddrobe I will throw all my old suits,you will never see them again….would you like to send them to Kenya? You get them for free buddy…see you on saturday….butdoisay…

Clayi…You think wakenya wanava mtumba…Wasee huthread mpaka wewe kutoka huku might think you are a mshamba…hizo thuti zaka zipeleke Myrona..pala kunawasee waziwait kupewa au kubye..mazee si unipe tip wewe ubye wapi thuti..kesho ni kesho.. niko desperate kushine kama wewe..lakini usiniambiye zile duka za vitu zaye…See you kesho.//Mberi

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