Handful Issues The Elected President Should Act Upon.

Posted on September 12, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

As the Presidential elections are on the way, there are some important issues that the elected president must act upon eg.
-The security,
-Minimise road accidents,
-Introduce jobs inorder to fight poverty,jobless, and of course Corruption.

To improve the security my opinion is to introduce as many police posts as possible in each estate or every corner of the big cities with police patrols all the time.

To minimize road accidents,the goverment should try to add more one way roads and also continue with the speed limit gadget they use in matatus nowadays, and the maximum speed limit should be 80 km per hour on all cars and not on commercial cars only as is the case right now.

Drinking and driving should be history, whether pubs are making profits or not,the goverment should introduce strict punishments for anyone found guilty of driving while drunk.

The goverment should also try to build many free sports centers to encourage young jobless boys or even parking boys to involve themselves in sports activities that Kenyans are famous for.

The goverment should also introduce a law that forces a middle class family and a rich family to adopt an orphan or homeless child to minimize parking boys in the streets.These parents could be free from income taxes or could be given other incentives, like free medical fee to enable them support these children.

These would be a good start for a President that is out there to look upon his citizens values.But as is the case I might be playing music to the goat….meaning ….the goat does not listen to my music….butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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