“Members Only You Cant Go In”

Posted on September 7, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Regarding the new law to locate civilian police officers outside Swedish clubs or restaurants where blacks are denied entry for nothing everyday…. I have this to add:

Have you seen these black African bouncers who are located at these clubs and restaurants,they are located there to hide the impression that the clubs they are working for, do not tolerate discrimination, but in real sense these are the worst clubs to go to….

These African bouncers are even worse than the white bouncers, they are ordered by the owners not to let any black person into their clubs…when they stop you…they tell you its members only or its fully booked…but since its a brother you say… ok…not knowing that you are not welcome there since the order comes from above…..

We work alot and sometimes we feel like going out to spend our dough…..and to be denied  entry because of who we are is so embarrasing and humillating.

Short story> Sometime back me and my friends tried  to enter a club by the name Riche in Stureplan Stockholm, its considered one of the posh places in Stockholm, there was a black bouncer who stopped us since we were not members and one of my friends decided to react….he the bouncer,picked up his phone and called his friends who happened to be the bouncers around stureplan…we were sorrounded by about 8 bouncers from other clubs around while this black bouncer was slapping my friends here and there…..we could do nothing…..

But.. fortunatley,there was this black young short guy that came from nowhere….he was like…

hey you “Why are you beating your blood brothers like that infront of all these whites?” whats wrong with you?

The black bouncer was….”who are you to ask me that?”….going towards him..this guy was like ..”you wonna joke with me,you wonna joke with me” he picked up his phone and made some calls and within 5 minutes…his mascular guys, all whites , bigger than the stureplans bouncers came in 4 white cars with guns, and things changed…the stureplans bouncers and the black stupid bouncer took off in different directions, we do not know what happened and so we left the location……We still ask ourselves who was this young boy? An American star on holiday with all these white built bouncers? or just a black gangster with connection…..but all the same we just hope that the new law will bring back our lost pleasure in life…..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to ““Members Only You Cant Go In””

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That was a good one

Its so sad that all these crap happens! but what i do not understand is that our fellow brothers when some guys try and organise parties for us, to pay entrance fees which is about 60kr is such a big deal! why do we not support each other by supporting our fellow brothers who organise parties. For instance Clay u have tried organising parties but what happens, watu kupigana na kadhalika! If zungs do not want us to spend our dough in their clubs, well its their loss, i´d rather spend my dough with a group of brothers who know what time it is than go out to this clubs. and im saying

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