“Juliet Kavinga The Untold Story”

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Just because you have a work permit or a stay does not make you any special than an illegal immigrant.They are called Guerillas or many other names,but we need to respect them, give them ideas of how to survive so that they do not suffer at all, they are also human beings and they maybe better than you with the resident permit in many different ways.I know some people say, I dont talk to guerillas or I cant help them and yet many of us passed through the same path.

Let me tell you of an untold story…The first time my wife and I met the late Juliet Kavinga,that was murdered 2 years ago in Sweden,she had just arrived in Sweden with some of her bags at Fittja beach during a Nyama choma festival that was organised by Kenyans,she came there because she had heard that Kenyans were having a party at Fittja beach and that was the only place she could bump into a Kenyan that might help her out since she did not know anyone else.She approached my wife and asked her if we could accomodate her since it was getting dark and she did not have a place to go,my wife asked me and we agreed to take her home with us…this was our first time we had met her,we did not know her and we come from completely different tibes in Kenya, but it did not matter.

We tried to call her fellow tribe members, but no one was willing to talk or help her out, we decided to stay with her as one of us, she got her own key and could come home as she wished, she could also open the fridges and consume anything, since she was one of us.
She was a good person so I can say,she kept her on life and problems to herself…..but we were not bothered.

We did advice her on how to go about in Sweden and luckily she was also outgoing and aggressive in life…little did she know that her life was too short.
I remember after 6 months or so she came home very excited with alot of goods she had bought from the supermarket as a sign of thanks and told us that she had found her own place to move to and she was very thankful for our support…..she had her own life since then,but could pop in at our home sometimes to say hallo…until when she dissappeared and was found murdered 1 year ago…
During her funeral in church I heard her voice telling me to thank my wife infront of everyone in church because she met her first and took her with open hands, but I did not have the guts to go infront of the church and say so…but I am convinced that she really appreciated our help..and I wish we in diaspora would be helping the so called querrillas with our open hands.I am not asking for any praises or blessings coz am already blessed….and if you are not you better ask yourself why? Am glad that I have finally said what she would have said during her wedding if it was not her funeral……..
May God bless her soul…….butdoisay…….
True story.
Clay Onyango.

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One Response to ““Juliet Kavinga The Untold Story””

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You are very right Clay,a work permit or a stay
does not make anybody different from any other immigrant,
no wonder i heard a lady from our country say that
she thanked god that visa,s were introduced to bar kenyans
from coming here,

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