“Kenyans Are Good In Honoring The Dead”

Posted on August 29, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Having read the topic by Kusmus regarding Presido Jomo Kenyatta, Freedom fighters Dedan Kimathi and Kagia, the question remains– why are Kenyans so good in honoring the dead? When a Kenyan is alive whether a poor man or “was a good sportsman” , a minister that was in power and goes down the drain, Kenyans would run away from them as if they are sorrounded by bees….but on their death day….they would flock on them to taste the honey that the bees left behind. They would praise and sing in praise how so and so was a good man, why wasnt he praised while he was alive?

Dedan Kimathi and Kagia were our freedom fighters…their parents are living in poverty while our goverment is still watching, no one crys for their good upplift but they would cry for their salary increament and yet we have not seen their accomplishment through out Kenyas independence.

How expensive surely is it for a goverment to help accomodate such important parents?? Just a sale of one of the Range rovers used by one of the assistant ministers is enough to cater for their good living…..but I guess the range rovers comfort is far much better than their good deeds and their good living……butdoisay…

Clay Onyango


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