Is It True That Kenyatta Never fought For Our Uhuru?

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This is a comment that was sent in by Kusmus, I am bit disturbed by the fact that  Presido Jomo Kenyatta never fought for our Uhuru,is this true? Read below….

Have you ever heard about the famous quote by the founding fathers and by founding fathers I mean Kenyatta and  company.…..after independence there was this unsaid untold saying that “bendera haitavuka river chania….this may mean a little less to anyone who doesn’t know the local politics of the day i.e. pre independence Kenya …most of the kikuyus who lived in kiambu and the surroundings’ areas were mostly employed by wakoloni and those others served as home guards…and hence the most feared matusi of by then was …”gati”…meaning a home guard who was considered a sell lout because they were used by the white man to report and arrest the maumau………..
Nb not all kikuyus from kiambu and surrounding areas were sell out we have men like mzee waiyaki although they Happen to have encountered the mzungu ealier before the mau mau gained roots, mzee Waiyaki Wa Hinga was an okuyu a pre-colonial chief who ruled around Dagoretti. He encountered the British around 1890 when he signed a treaty with Fredrick Lugard of the Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEA), who later pitched their tent at Dagoretti. Lugard and his men harassed the Gikuyu people and demanded for their food and their women. In retaliation the Kikuyu burnt down Lugard’s fortress at Dagoretti. In 1892, the colonial administration kidnapped and took him to Coast where he is believed to have met his death……guess who were the actual abductors?…homeguards……..worse part of it is He was buried alive by his abductors…….how did we Kenyans choose to remember him ? By having a street named after him….we really are great in honoring our departed real heroes……………
I get carried away by history back to the topic about river chania…most of the guys that benefitted from the newly independent Kenya were guys who were helping the mzungu,then you can guese the 1st things that they did? Shamba..yes that was the 1st thing that was quick to be ngawanwad among the elites(homegurds)the whole of the current kasarani and the surrounding areas was the property of H.E onyatto..which the family has been selling upto date….then go to coast the guy grabbed virtually everything there and just the other day his son gave out 34000 acres of land….then everyone was happy that ameonea wasiojiweza huruma akawapatia shamba..*****”** softway way ya kusema matusi….do you remember in your history class of Mekatilili Wa Menza…..
Mekatilili led the Giriama people in a rebellion against the British, in what many had seen as a fulfilment of a prophecy, that she would be a leader of her people. This was a rare prophecy in them days coz an African hearing ati a woman will lead them to defeat an enemy who has come all the way from where the sun sets, ilikuwa ni maajabu anyway . She resisted British invasions and attempts to stamp out the Giriama traditional culture through the destruction of kaya, sacred forest shrines and places of worship. She was then captured and exiled to Mumias in Western Kenya, where she was held together with Wanyi wa Madori her cousin. Five years later, she returned to the coast. Was she ama her relatives among the people walingawiwa mashamba?…..jijazie
Then some one says ati amepatiana shamba…….my foot……. Anyway with the above and many many cases za outright ongogaji most of the dudes that had sacrificed their life for freedom saw it as just changing the colour of the person rulling from white to black but retaining the same person albeit in different shade this case black,so what did they do ?they flew…ohhh not flew walked to neighbouring countries to start afresh…..infact apart from general china who until juzi juzi was the mdosi wa natinaonal youth service,most of other guys who decided to stay died poor…bythe way the other before ochieng aneko passed away am not sure but I think it was bildad kigia the guy was living in baha..bahati nyumba za kanjo……without even proper sanitation without medical care…then when he died what happened ….they sang how great he was then post humorously made a big shrine at his burial place that costed tax payers money….i bet labda wherever he is ..akihanda mianga niarakena muno nikumoakura berera ya goro akua na riria are muyo ona mae ndare na muheii…..
Then you guys remember mambo ya cold war between US na Russia,well this two countries had to sell their propaganda ama their way of rulling or governing this read..communism for Russia and democracy for US they needed to get sharp students from newly declared 3rd world countries so that they can train them and hopefully the students will go back and sell their way of government back home from Kenya which children were sent to either US ama Russia?sons of kina musa yandusi…incase you don’t know who that is huyo ndio alikua mbuyu wa simeon nyachae…pia yeye was another senior chief.. haya that’s another story for another day………
Seems like i am not lucky in finishing the story today labda kesho but do I say?…..GIVE US MORE!!

By Kusmus for butdoisay….

Clay Onyango


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One Response to “Is It True That Kenyatta Never fought For Our Uhuru?”

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So far we have been blessed to have no civil war in our country despite our three imbeciles of leaders,But one thing i won’t deny Kenyatta props for, was chosing capitalism over communism, otherwise we would have been in serious shit.
As for Kibaki,that people like biwott are still roaming our streets freely instead of rotting in some jail cell is just an unbearable insult and then to invite people we voted out into the cabinet is just pathetic.

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