A Prisoner in Barcelona….

Posted on August 26, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |


Back to Stockholm after my holidays in Barcelona, had a nice semester but I became a prisoner in 5 minutes in my hotel room just before I checked out. The hotel was good a four star just 15 minutes walk to the main streets of Barcelona, I really enjoyed the hotel life coz when we left the room, everything was messy, clothes all over, undone bed and I did not have to worry about washing the toilet or the room itself. When we came back from our shopping spree the room would look so neat as if no one had checked in earlier, the toilet papers had been changed and I really appreciated every single minute of our stay…..but during the D day just when I was checking out…my intestines had an argument because of the food I had consumed earlier…the argument continued for a long time that day and then I decided to visit the loo so that they could settle their differences…I wonder why there was an argument since it was my last day, well, as I settled in the room I decided to do my thing without bothering to check around if the toilet papers were changed coz they were always changed…..and to my surprise it was only one page of the paper remaining and this was not enough to clean the damage after that serious argument….I checked around..stood up to check if I had luck…but nothing…I then realized I was in trouble and I had a few options to get myself out of that situation:

Option 1- To use the Shower

Option 2-To use the towel

Option 3-To sign my name on the wall and leave

Option 4-To convert to muslim at that particular time and use water but there was no bowl

It took me almost 10 minutes wondering what to do, should I use the towel and leave I mean it was my last day…I would not be ashamed…after all they do not know me….

Or should I use the shower? But I have to remove all the clothes and I had no time….I had the plane to catch!!!!

And what about if I use my fingers to sign my name on the wall, then it means I have to wash my hands and the sink was outside the toilet…… and of course my reputation too as an African!!!

Lastly, or should I convert to muslim just that day?…..but then I would need a bowl !!!!

I decided to…………………. what would you do in this situation?? I did what you would do, guess what???

Always check if there is enough toilet papers before you settle any intestines argument..otherwise you would become a prisoner in 10 minutes in a hotel room or at a friends place…….but all the same you have the above options use them if there is no other alternative…..BUTDOISAYYYYYYYY……..

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “A Prisoner in Barcelona….”

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Sign your name on the wall and leave hahahahaha that seems like the best option, oh, but wait, maybe it’s a brother or a sister who’s employed to clean the loo’s, i bet you used the towel!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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