Living With Vice Presidents Wife Yvonne Wamalwa.

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Last week my family and I was honored to have had a chance to live with the late Vice President Michael Wamalwas wife, Yvonne Wamalwa, Yvonne Wamalwa who was appointed by President Mwai Kibaki as Kenyas UN habitat deputy envoy was in Stockholm for a week and left on Sunday for London and then Nairobi. As humble as she is we really had a nice time at our home and we believe she had a nice time too.

We did arrange a small get together party for some Kenyans living in Sweden to meet Yvonne Wamalwa at our home but due to some unavoidable circumstances some of our visitors could not meet her  because they had to leave early since Yvonne was attending another ceremony that was organised by the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm.

For those who remained behind, they did have a glimpse and a little chat with Yvonne Wamalwa before she went to bed after along tiring day.

Its not the first time we have been honored to meet such a high dignitary like Yvonne Wamalwa, In 1998 I was honored to have spent 2 days with Hon Fred Gumo in his hotel in Bombay on our way to Tokyo, and   in 2002 my family was honored to have organised dinner at our home for Hon Njenga Karume with his 10 visitors on their way to New york, in 2006 I  was honored to have eaten lunch with Hon Julia Odhiambo and then drove her to the airport for Nairobi,Kenya. The same year,I was honored to have met a high Kenyan dignitary who had just been married in Kenya and had come to Europe for their honey moon of which I organised successfully….

All in All…………………May I take this opportunity  to request the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm to create a good relationship with Kenyans living in Sweden, Kenyans in Sweden had a negative image long time ago when we had dissidents and a one party rule.

Now that we have a multi party rule,all that has changed and both Kenyans in Sweden and the embassy should play a big role of working together as Kenyans. As you saw yesterday in Kenya, Hon Raila was ordered to leave from a hotel by its owner and had to obey and leave as ordered….this would not have happened when we had a one party rule, since the hotel would have been closed the same day….and the owner of the hotel would have gone missing for good!!!…….see…..this is a new Kenya and we need changes every where in favour of Kenyans, since we are all Kenyans and will die Kenyans…….butdoisay…..”Now waiting for President Kibaki to come for  Dinner after winning this years election….I ve got to go”

Clay Onyango.


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5 Responses to “Living With Vice Presidents Wife Yvonne Wamalwa.”

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ehhhh clay i cannot tell u are a jang’o …..teasing……. LOL,,,,, si u invite me over for dinner i can see u are a generous guy. anyway, from ur writing,, and how i know zou ***wink**** wink*** u area n entertainer and good host,
hope ur holiday is/was alright, one thing thou. when on holiday u are to restrain from getting onto the intrnet,, but i see you dont want to dissapoint your audience,,,,,,,,,,,i still await your getting from germany to sweden,,,,

Hi Nyams,am on holiday but I have to take care
of business online too….otherwise what will
you eat for dinner when u come to my crib?Thanks
for the comments…

I’ve also had the courtesy to eat lot’s of delicious dinner’s a couple of times at your place, it’s just sad that i’m not yet a high profile person, but i’m workin on that and as soon as i do it, you’ll be able to add my name onto that list of who’s who butdoisay!!!!!!!!!

Baba you do not have to be a high profiled person to enjoy my well cooked msosi marinated with love
and kindness from the one and only Liz Clay….but the question still remains…who is baba nani???…Baba nani will remain a high profiled person as long as you remain baba nani…..

well done brother,we need such people like you,you are a great kenyan.thank you

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