Why African Goverments Are Poor…

Posted on August 21, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Do you wonder sometimes why African goverments are poor? There are many reasons that we are familiar with but there is one reason that can make a difference if African Presidents would look into it!!!…

African goverments spend so much money on diplomats abroad, why give a single person a very big villa with 5 to 7 rooms while there are apartments with 2 bedrooms,a villa costs more in terms of rent and maintenance and the rent could go up to 30,000 kronors while a nice apartment for 4 bedrooms would cost approximately 12,000 kronors.This means the goverment would save about 18,000 kronors per month and about 130,000 kronors per year.With this money, if I may take Kenya for example, we would build new houses for the poor or put this money into our free education system by buying books or pay salaries to the teachers.

Sounds like I am campaigning…but..I dont think so….A diplomat with a big family could get a villa but a single diplomat should get an apartment…..BUTDOISAY…..
Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “Why African Goverments Are Poor…”

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u are damn right, am actually in a part of the world, where these diplomats abuse so much, 1st they pay no taxes, then when they hire a kenyan to work as a local stuff, they want them to do like all the work in the job description and also work NOT on it for how much……… ehh nothing£££ i mean i care less that they dont pay these taxes but am always bitter on how they treat their fellow kenyan s working with them,.,,they need to cut back on those exorbitant expenses and let that money do something
worthwhile in Jamhuri,,,,,,,, my two cents…

you have only talkd about diplomats,i would like
to add something as to why Africans goverments are
poor.in KENYA we have alot of ministers,who are
getting milions every moth,the so called ass.ministers
who numbers over 50,my God ask me,i have no idea
what thy do!! what does an ass.minister do?why
do we have so many of them? all this people drive
new cars,have drivers and bodygurds, chase cars,
new ofices etc etc. with all this missuse of many
we cant get get rich,we will always borrow and
borrow and borrow. take for exp.the swedish member
of parliament,the salary is 40,000kr. a kenyan?
1,000 000!!! our pple will unfortunatly continue
to be un educated,poor for ever and ever coz our
own gava dont care, thats watamsaying

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