Africans In Diaspora Using European Citizens?

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My dear readers…When we in diaspora come to diaspora,we come here with the intention of looking for a bright future, and to brighten our so called bright future,we need the European citizens to help us out gain their bright future…and to create this future we have alternatives to choose to attach our strings.

We either have to marry the European citizens or live with them in the same roof….Sometimes we do fall in love with them genuinely and sometimes we do it just to acquire our stay here……as they believe!!!

By falling in love genuinely means that we have agreed to try and settle with them for good if all works out..but what about if it does not work out?

Like any other relationship,people get married with the intention of marrying and living together until death do part them, and like any other relationship there usually erupts a reason that makes this relationship to break up.

Its very unfortunate that when the diaspora relationship ends, you as a married couple have to split the assets even though the woman involved did not contribute at all. I am not sure if its the same when a man is involved,but do you think this is positive to the citizen involved?

This creates a bad picture that we in diaspora always come to Europe to use the citizens, take their assets and leave them….but some diasporans believe that they are here to take back what the European citizens took long time ago and so they have no remorse of whatever happens……

But …..Dont you also think that there are white diasporans in Africa in search of a happy living?…since we believe they already have a bright one……or is the word diaspora meant for Africans ONLY ?

I still believe in scratch my back and I scratch yours….meaning since we as a couple ,one a diasporan and the other a citizen,when we are living together,it should not be a one sided rule….. you are gaining from me as a diasporan and I am gaining from you as a citizen….and no one should complain of a foul play….“You scratch my back and I scratch yours”.…butdoisay……

Clay Onyango


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