“The Diaspora Diana Ross”

Posted on August 10, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |


They are the diasporan women who are over 60+ years..they wear wigs to hide their white hairs….they still wear make up,tight trousers to show their flubby hips and they still make use of the G-strings to enable their assets to breath well…they are the diasporian diana Ross..they have silicons to confuse the diasporan back street boys…..and .she has a better choice than the spice girl regarding young boy friends…. enough to be her son…..and when they are dancing on the dancing floor…they shake more than a diasporan spice girl….she is the diasporan Diana Ross…the good thing with them is they are very kind and when they see the diasporan  backstreet boys they offer them free drinks to be paid by their diasporan James browns…the diasporan James Brown is just there to be used because the Diasporan Diana Ross has a jungo-(a white male) beside…who takes care of the bills….but the diasporan James Brown does not know……he thinks he is loved by the diaspora Diana Ross….. the diasporan Diana ross with her fake nails,red heels, hangs  out every night enjoying herself drinking and smoking…..and no one would dare stop her because she is the diasporan Diana Ross………Butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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3 Responses to ““The Diaspora Diana Ross””

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Clay, I think umekosea kidogo, the diasporan Diana Ross likes younger guys yaani like backstreet boys and the diasporan JB prefers younger gals! and they r very sensitive about age! Just try one day out of respect to address JB as mzee! Tell me what answer u’ll get!

im glad that u put this up… lakini kwani
what happened to my bit on the diasporan JB… or it was a
Q of moderation,,,,,amonlyasking,,

yeah Mr James brown,, he thinks he is the best thing that ever walked the face of the earth.. watch him work his waz around a party,,, lol,, with smooth talking lines outta 70’s movie( or so he thinks) LOL,,, mr brown is verz interesting

u need to mos def talk about the diasporan Diana ross
with her fake nails,red heels, wanna heng out till
early morning with her sons friends,,,lol…
thinks smoking is the in thing now expects to be respected
by the young, yet cant respect herself,, oh yah i have met
a few Dianas in my diasporian life,,, just dont wanna end up like this one day.

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