Freedom Of Punishing!!!

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Have you had the sirens of Nairobians…..mwizi mwizi….huyo huyo…thief thief…catch a thief…the only thing that lacks is a drum,a guitar and a trumpet.Just after every 5 minutes someone is being mugged.Should we punish them on the spot or call the police for them?If I were young I would prefer to beat them thoroughly… it was fun….we used to jump on them and kick their ass….

I know some people burn them to death using tires and some use cigarrates to give them scars…are they doing the right thing?I know some people would say,we should call the police for them…but do you know that those thieves have cash to bribe the Kenya police?You loose your camera,cash and everything and the thief goes free…so…chapa mwizi….beat the thief….did I say that??

Some people even use the same tune to punish their enemies….this would be a good way of punishing your boyfriend if he beats you and you dont know how to beat him……while walking to the movies in the streets of Nairobi after a good dinner….you just shout mwizi mwizi…..and Kenyans are on top of him exercising their freedom of punching…when you think its enough you tell the crowd you were joking….please do not try this at home!!!! Its a bad joke……but should we have a freedom of punishing???……Butdoisay…..

Clay Onyango


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2 Responses to “Freedom Of Punishing!!!”

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mwizi,mwezi this thing is heard in nai everyday! am tired of waizi and i hope kenya can start excuting this thags without thinking of the so called humanright activists. Uganda for example, thieves are being shoot whenever they are regardles what they have stolen. I remember them days in jam when ukisikia mwizi you look for the nearest place where you can get car tires. Man,we used to displine them hata mwenzake akiona, hatathubutu kuiba tena!! The humanright pple wamefanya countries like jamu to be seen as crime zone. imagine huwezi kutembea na watch ya ukoo, ama gold chain,even my weddingring!!. In Saudi Arabia there is no compromise na mwizi, ukipatikana you are dead,ama mkono unaishia. The same thing in China, if you steal you are killed regardless humanrights. In kenya even the police are getting tired of the pickpockets and have started killing them on the sport. Kill, kill, and kill waizi am sayiiiing

mob justice! A close friend of mine lost his kid bro who was unfortunately at a wrong place at a wrong time! Im really not sure if it is the way to go! who give anyone the right to take a life? Two wrongs do not make a right and I believe in our justice system although we still
have a long way to go but we will get there some day!
I’m an optimist!

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