Funeral Bad Behaviors…

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Lets discuss a bit about the Shags funeral behavior…Its not often we who were born in the city to travel to Shags or reserve areas for holidays…we just travel there in case of a funeral or a memorial service….people in Shags are delighted to meet us…I do not know if its because they know we have come from the city with money,sugar,milk and bread or if its because they are curious to see us…when we arrive we slaughter either cows,sheep and goats to celebrate with the quests attending the funeral arrangement….Of course there are some who are not relatives but they get crash the funeral or celebration to feast…which is Ok and of course there are some who get crash to come and steal and leave…..WHICH IS NOT OK…

short story….we attended my brother in laws funeral in Shags and we bought some cows to slaughter for the funeral arrangement…amazingly there were some volunteers who decided to do the slaughtering..they were doing it a bit further from the location, next to a fence…they slaughtered the cows as planned but one of them had his kids on the other side of the fence hiding with a sufuria or a bowl… when he was cutting the meat…he would throw some pieces of meat in kilos over the fence,where the kids would scramble for the meat and hide….and no one would reveal their mission until the next day,when the ceremony was over….Luckily as I was strolling around I happened to see one of the volunteers putting a piece of meat presumably a kilo under his hat…….hell no…is it poverty or just greediness???After the funeral we realized that the cow head was also missing…”where is the cow head”..We asked…….Nobody knew where the kichwa -the cow head was….after a few days there were rumours that it was hanging in one of the slaughterers hut, bleeding profusely waiting to be consumed…….probably during Easter or Christmas……is it greediness or poverty?……. we really missed the SOUP…….butdoisay…..

Ps.Shags is a slung for reserve-A location out of the city …

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “Funeral Bad Behaviors…”

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well those kind of things happen sana shags, i
sometimes dont understand why but poverty is to
blame,in shags not everybody who attends the so
called masakaya is really morning with you! most
are called professional morners, they cry louder than
everybody in the family, confessing how the dead
person was good to everybody.even if some are finally
happy that he or she is dead.they drink alot of tea
the whole night in the name of masakaya,they eat alot
of food the following day,they are the ones who
tell the family that it is not good that the funeral
takes place soon,they always would like it extended
until next week so that they can consume every chicken
and goats and cows that are left!!.am happy this
days in my shags pple have changed alot,the dead
are burried within three days,its ok to feed pple
wakitokea kwa masakaya but when they start stealing
inakua ni shame sana. To avoid hii mambo yote,lets
be doing funerals the same day kama waislam. that way
we will save alot of money and time am sayiiiiing………

Well said man kebi

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