Give Kibaki One More Term….

Posted on August 7, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |


Lets talk politics abit….Dear Kenyans lets give President Kibaki the last term…I guess you have been reading the news and you can see what is going on in Kenya with other parties right now….if they can not agree and compromise right now before the elections,what about after the elections…its better the devil we know….than the devil we do not know…we can see what achievements he has attained and the mistakes he has done…if we have to weigh the achievements on a weighing machine….I still believe they would outweigh the mistakes he has done….yes the president is old…and we would prefer a younger President…but if they are at war amongst themselves..why should we vote them in……..OLD IS GOLD KENYANS….

-At least we have a freedom of speech in Kenya right now…

-The roads are a bit better

-There is a free Education in Kenya right now.

-We can report and or argue with the Kenyan police

Though the implementation of the free education is not 100 percent smooth or neither the security is 100 percent perfect….his goverment is trying and with time….we would see some changes….just give Kibaki another term….and remember OLD IS GOLD.………butdoisay….yes I am saying… vote vote…

Clay Onyango.

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2 Responses to “Give Kibaki One More Term….”

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Umenena…I really hope u don`t live in a glass house..

And i beg to differ and say no no no,all of the above things you mentioned that the government have improved are our RIGHTS anyway, it’s just that our stupid old rubbish leaders make it look like they are doing us favours, never forget that as citizens we are the employers and not the employees.
I still insist vote out the entire old bunch, ‘anyone over 50years’ and inject our youth coz they’ll at least bring in fresh ideas,plus vote as many women as possible into parliament and we’ll have a right mix to form a brilliant government.
Otherwise what you are suggesting is like the world should stop fighting terrorists and elect Osama our world leader to stop him from killing innocent victims,butdoyousay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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