The Diasporan James Brown…

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These are the old men in diaspora between 60 and 70 years old…at the age of 60 or 70 you would wish to be back home out of the diaspora life…but the diaspora James browns do not believe in that…they know life in diaspora is nyweeeeeeeee…..meaning smooth.Some of them have grown up children back home but they have never thought of bringing them to diaspora to let them enjoy the diaspora life….they do not support them….their children look pathetic as if their fathers do not exit…but the father has his own life style….he is the diasporan James Brown…he lives by himself…was thrown out of the house by the X long time ago…..wakes up in the morning gets his newspaper reads about home news…..calls his friends and discusses politics….he changes into his sundays best suit…the only suit he wears most of the time….if you look at his shirt…you will notice that the collar is tattered….he gets out of the house limping…age comes with surprises…takes the bus or train into town….looks around…chooses to sit next to a young spice girl who could be his daughters age….he never wastes his time…”you are a beautiful gal” he says….with respect she answers back…”thanks”….he is the diasporan James Brown ….”can I buy you coffee or take you out”?…..No you are too old!!!, answers the spice gal…he is the diasporan James Brown….he never gives up…”age is just a number” says the diasporan JB…..the spice gal dashes up and changes the seat…..the diasporan James Brown never grows old and will live in diaspora forever aging…..and his age will always remain a number…butdoisay……watch out for the diasporan Diana Rose coming soon…..she still wears tight jeans and a G string at 70!!!!

Clay Onyango


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2 Responses to “The Diasporan James Brown…”

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yeah Mr James brown,, he thinks he is the best thing that ever walked the face of the earth.. watch him work his waz around a party,,, lol,, with smooth talking lines outta 70’s movie( or so he thinks) LOL,,, mr brown is verz interesting

u need to mos def talk about the diasporan Diana ross
with her fake nails,red heels, wanna heng out till
early morning with her sons friends,,,lol…
thinks smoking is the in thing now expects to be respected
by the young, yet cant respect herself,, oh yah i have met
a few Dianas in my diasporian life,,, just dont wanna end up like this one day.

Hi Nyams,
You have said it all…do I need really to say more about the diaspora Diana Ross????andamaskingi…

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