The Diaspora Backstreet Boys…

Posted on August 5, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Due to public comes the diaspora backstreet boys…though some of them are abit older…in their dreams they believe they are still young…they wear trousers hanging below their sewages or buttocks…they sometimes wear a bandana and very big sunglasses with chains reflecting the famous rap artists..,..though the chains are fake and very cheap…they sug while walking..speak English as if its their mother tongue but with their native accent!! They have really forgotten where they came from….they are in diaspora and this is where they belong…

They spend most of their times in pubs too ,just like the diaspora spice girls….they also stink alcohol 24/7 and pretend to have come from the westlands of Nairobi….they really tweng just like the rappers in the US but with a native accent……

They do have children in diaspora with their exes…but they do not care about them….they do not visit these kids neither do they buy birthday presents…they simply do not care …they are the diaspora backstreet boys……..just like the diaspora spice girls,they change women like underwear….and they prefer not using protection…they are the diaspora backstreet boys….they believe they cannot catch Aids….“but everybody will die why should i use a condom”….thats their moto……but one day this moto…will change to a real moto……butdoisay……

ps.Moto, also means fire in swahili language..

Clay Onyango.


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4 Responses to “The Diaspora Backstreet Boys…”

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The problem with this boyz is that thy think
that western culture is better than ours!.
i will just say poleni sana vijanaa! kwa kweli you are lost.remember utavuna ulichobanda am saying.

At last you have fulfilled our wishes,nway keep up the good work your articles are interesting and funny too.They keep us yearning for more.Na hiyo ni maendeleo ama.

when i was growing up we used to have so many sorts and means of getting advice from the elders be it through word of mouth or at school or even when we went “ushago” and we would have great time with “grandparos” and for those of us who went through theinitiatin rites of circumcission we were taught how to be men and how to behave in real world… back to your so called backstreet boys…i assume that these are guys in the age bracket of 20s most of this guys they have been born here and the much they know about their culture is that perhaps they are lucky to hear when a swedish newspaper talks about hiv or poverty in africa ,infact i would bet that some of the so called backstreet boys (BB)have never been to their ancestral land in africa so when you jump in to condemn them, i think you are missing a beat in expecting an informed decision from an informed person……
but back to the older generation what happened to making our children learn the best from us? its ashame when i go to a kenyan nyama choma and on thedancefloor i see babanani dancing with mtoto wa nani in a grinding move ama back to back?
what do i expect from the said teenager in as far as respect or social standing expectations in the society? i would say we have all played abig role in making the so called BB the ones in the market and those yet to come…
my beer wisdom tells me if i will teach my son and my daughter the values of being a human being and living in asociety that is heavily influenced by the electronic age ,either tv ,internet ,magasines etc etc…..that i have to start now putting the morals foundation in them i will be assured that tomorrow i wont see my daughter or my son becoming a diaspora BB or a diaspora backstreet girl
but do isay?

I believe Clay is not referring to the guys born in the dotcom era, but grown men 30+ the wannabees!

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