The Diasporan Thieves!!

Posted on August 1, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

The diasporan thieves are friends and or relatives who pretend to be good people in our eyes and yet they are evils in the eyes of God,they pretend mostly to be friendly,polite and helpful.They are often well dressed and charming.Their eyes are always blinking in search of a prey and when they attack they wipe their finger prints that you would not realize they did it.They are very good in denying and they can convince the victim to blame and pin point the wrong person.They always have a mission when they attend any ceremony….and most of them are jobless!!!

Maybe it has happened to many diasporans,it is so embarrassing and ashaming that you invite friends and relatives to your home or a friends home for a party and suddenly there is a complain that one has lost a mobile,a watch, a cd,a purse or any personal belonging…When the victims asks…everyone denies and yet no one has left the building or home.Arent these thieves ashamed of themselves?They are invited to come and enjoy free meals and drinks and they cannot even appreciate…. Sometimes they sneak out pretending that they are smoking…without anybodys knowledge, and hide the stolen item outside…and then rush back to the party as if nothing has happened and continue to party with others.

Be a good diasporan …if you happen to have this kind of a relative or a friend…warn him before or expose him during any ceremony… incase anything dissappears…..I know some and I often warn them when I see them in our different ceremonies…..never will I let them go away with it….butdoisay….

Clay Onyango


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One Response to “The Diasporan Thieves!!”

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That is true and maybe to add onto what you have written on the first paragraph. Is that, some of the soo called friends promise jobs but they need payment which in most cases it sleeping with the guys if you happen to be a woman looking for means of survival.

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