Clay Hook Me Up….

Posted on July 29, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

I have come across many lovely Kenyans in diaspora between 30 and 40 years old that have no husband,wife or children…..what are they waiting for? Is there any way we can hook them up? Some are learned…respectful…gorgeous and very good looking…..can I please hook you up?

Are you scared of a family life or a relationship in diaspora?…do not be…it all works out with time.In the beginning there is always a power struggle in the house..the man in diaspora wants to be a man in the house and the woman in the diaspora wants to be the “man” in the house.There is sometimes a misunderstanding regarding the money issue and instead of taking it so serious that you want to give up a relationship… its always nice to discuss issues, and if possible have a budget and agree on how you will be settling bills and savings aside…..problems will always be there …but try to work them up……and not to give up…..

A relationship would work mostly well if you are not living together because you do not know the other side of your partner well…and its always good to make a marriage decision when you have stayed  together in the same roof for a long time …when you know your partner very well…..

I would really love to connect Kenyans in diaspora into a marriage relationship,I have friends who are good Kenyans and are looking for the other half….both men and women whether fat or slim….the beauty is within the eye of the beholder… they always say…..would you be the other half? Reply with this magic word…. CLAY HOOK ME UP!!! jokes aside…butdoisay……

Clay Onyango


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sure clay, hook me up.

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