Will Africans Ever Appreciate Pets?

Posted on July 26, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Dear readers,I was just seated in my car observing a white lady walking with a dog…and as they were almost passing me, the dog felt like going for a long call…it just bent her behind and did her thing as the white lady stood behind with some polythene bag waiting for the dog to finish…as the dog finished she went back and picked up the poopoo with the polythene paper and walked to a dust bin and threw it……wow……wow…

What would I do as an African man?Enda ukakunye uko mbali…go and shit that far…or…kick the dog!!!…. or just walk 5 meters away from the dog and leave the shit on the way….

I have seen it happen…Africans like to eat as a family sometimes outside and sometimes pets like dogs and cats walk around them waiting for some meat or bones to fall….you know they cannot give them oxtails with the meat on…so the dog has to wait until when the oxtail shows no sign of any flesh or blood…not even the bone marrow…only when its a bone…when it has turned its colour to a white bone…then an African man can release the bone to the poor dog or cat…mamen a cat cannot bite this bone!!! This happens only if this is a reasonable African family….otherwise it would be a total war to scare the dog away….

I remember my neighbour back home closed the bedroom door when he found a cat in his bedroom to discipline the cat for tresspassing……and believe me the cat was really punished until it became unconcious…..so I was just wondering…will Africans ever appreciate pets …but do we even appreciate one another?…..butdoisay….

Clay Onyango


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One Response to “Will Africans Ever Appreciate Pets?”

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“so I was just wondering…will Africans ever appreciate pets …but do we even appreciate one another?…..butdoisay….”

i think u got uranswer right here…but do i say..

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