The Kenya Police….

Posted on July 24, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

“Left right” “left right”….abouuut turn”….Those are the matching Kenyan police.They always have the same accent as if they come from the same tribe,but they dont….I think they all attend the same school in Kiganjo ,Kenya and they are all taught by the same teacher who has that accent.I always give credit to President Kibaki and his goverment for the changes they have brought within the Kenyan police….give credit where it belongs …clap clap……well though not 100 percent, but  still much better than some years ago.They would stop you any time…harrass you for nothing..and eventually arrest you for nothing…”wewe guja haba..unagwenda wabi na unatoga wabi….kama wewe si weye si asgari wewe ni nani? You come here..where are you going and where are you coming from…if you are not a thief and not a police who are you? They would then push you onto an awaiting police van and drive with you the whole night in the streets of Nairobi…..

short story>It was during christmas time around 2300 hrs at night..we were celebrating christmas screeming with joy on the road when the Kenyan police caught up with us…we explained to them that we were just walking around celebrating christmas…they did not believe us and so they shoved us into their van…on the van, there was a dead body that they had just picked up and we were forced to sit beside the corpse while they were driving around with us…not that they were taking us to the police station or taking the corpse to the morgue….they were still on duty…driving around with us picking up more innocent citizens…we drove and drove for hours until 0600 in the morning when they left us and drove away…presumably to the police station…

Another short story>I had a friend who happened to argue with a kiosk owner because they were making noise outside her shop…she decided to call the Kenya police…they arrived after a short while and my friends took off in different direction….so one of the cops followed this friend of mine with a machine gun and shot him 28 times….I repeat 28 times….just because they were making noise….the poor guy died instantly..he was still in his teenage…and did not deserve to die this way….but the Kenya police being the Kenya police…will remain  the Kenya police as long as Kenyans are sleeping on their brains…..butdoisay….

True story>Clay Onyango


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