“The Kenyatta Hospital”

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Kenyatta hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Kenya and this is one place where you can see all kinds of accidents and miseries.As soon as you alight from the  bus if blind folded you would just realize at once that this is a HOSPITAL by the filthy smell… unlike in diaspora when you arrive blind folded you would think its a 5 star hotel…sometimes I wonder if we need to be educated to make our hospitals hygienic and clean….Kenyans speak of having good roads…what about having a good clean hospital.If you happen to go to the morgues in diaspora…you would wonder if people die in diaspora…they are very clean that even the dead really appreciate the cleanliness.You would not see any blood on the floor like you would see in our hospitals back home.I believe we have very cheap labour that is capable of keeping our hospitals clean….but whom do we blame? The president? The MPs or Kenyans in general?

I have been to the Kenyatta morgue and I did not believe my eyes how dead kids were put together in dozens in a container…with legs protruding from the containers in different angles …how would they find your dead kid from these containers?A dead body needs some respect too whether a child or a grown up.Seeing a human being in a suit and a brief case walking…..admiring him for his achievements and money….and disrespecting him when he is dead in a morgue on the bloody floor makes life miserable when you think about it.

A short story…I had a friend by the name Maxi he was knocked by a car and broke his leg so we drove him to Kenyatta hospital,when we arrived ,there was a very long queue and we were adviced to sit on the bench and wait for our turn…while on the queue, you would see all sorts of diseases and accidents …and apparently no one was being attended…we would go around looking for the doctors because Maxi was really in pain…when we came back to the queue…there came a patient that had a worse scenario than Maxi…both his lips were bitten off by a neighbour….this is what happened…he was in his ghetto apartment when 2 neighbours who were friends started to fight outside his door….as a good samaritan…he went outside to try and stop them from fighting..and they both turned on him and on the process,one of them jumped onto his mouth and bit off his lips….it was not a laughing matter but we did laugh to hear the story…. you could see most of his teeth while he was holding his lips in his hand…but he too was to stay on a queue to be attended….but where were the doctors? Still missing….

Later on after a long waiting… the nurses came and put plaster on Maxis leg and we took him home….he was just a poor guy who lived by himself with no one to nurse his wounds and feed him,he got neumonia and that was the end of my friend Maxi….he passed away …..

Who knows maybe he had internal bleeding but the nurses did nothing about it…but Kenyatta hospital being Kenyatta hospital….who knows maybe the lips guy kicked the bucket too….and Kenyatta hospital will remain Kenyatta hospital as long as Kenyans are sleeping on their brains……butdoisay…

True story.

Clay Onyango


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8 Responses to ““The Kenyatta Hospital””

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hello mr do i say
i came across some funny mail now circulating here in nairobi …
iam not a tribalist in anyway and i believe in treating people in the light of their own merits and never generalising in light of where they come from but you will agree this mail is kinda funny to read
so i thuoght we could all share in the smile ……..
what do other guys think of this

Did you know that..

* That 89% of Nairobians live in rented houses.

* That of the 11% who own the town ,7% comprise the same group.

* Now this 7% is roughly the same group that comprises Kenya ‘s

top ten rich list.

* In this rich list- top ( there are no lunjes, no kaos and no jangos)-
This is principally because they have the combined business acumen of a

Fortunately , Dennis Oliech , Gerald Mahinda and Michael Joseph can
sit at the same table for afternoon tea because ( from his last
contract with Nantes ) Dennis takes home about Kshs 3,500,000. The
fitting conclusion to this is that for Luhyas , Kambas and
Jangos to make it to the afore-mentioned Kenyas rich list, and in
consideration of their physical endowment, soccer is their only hope
and we really need to hope that Mc. Donald Mariga,Andrew Oyombe etc do
make it to the Premiership and thereby find a way in for us in this
exclusive list.

Before you get angry ( I appreciate the hate mail feedback) May I
quickly give a bit of empirical evidence on why these tribes have the
business acumen of a peanut and why breaking into the top ten will be

They say a wind of fortune blows your way only but once, and you
either seize it and it changes your life for ever or it passes you by
and things remain the same.

About 3 years ago One there was a a major heist from a ” strong room
in JKIA ” where Citibank suffered a loss of over 100, million after
one Jacob Donji walked away with the money .This is an account of how
the money was spent by those to whom it graciously came by( gracious
because not a single bullet or weapon was used:

* Police Constable Musau who was a soft accomplice went AWOL
immediately but was rearrested in his home town of Sultan Hamud where
he was trying to bank Kshs 10,000,000 at the local KCB. This of course
triggered a suspicious cashier because the account had only had a
maximum of 7,380 which was always fully withdrawn on Pay day.

Silly Kao(s)

* The boda boda cyclist( of course a lunje) who gave Jacob a lift
across the malaba border got a tip of Kshs 20 million and proceeded to
get drunk 20 million times over and was promptly arrested by border
police where Kshs 19,000,500 was recovered because he could only drink
500 bob worth Safaricane which was at the time retailing at 25 bob!
His relatives failed to raise the 2000 bail. Silly lunje(s)

* Jacob Donji the principal suspect ( from Siaya) crossed over
successfully into Uganda and ultimately ended up in Congo where for 8
months he lived like a King and even had the Congolese form and name a
lingala band after him ie L’Ochestre Bana ba Jacob Donji! On the
eighth month and fifty million bob poorer Jake returned to Nairobi
because he had missed his second wife Njeri much too much. He was
promptly arrested at her buruburu house. Silly jan’go(S)

* Now Njeri- Not only did she claim the Kshs 250,000 that the Police
had offered for the tip off, there is a line of 20 two bedroomed
rental Units in Dandora called Thengyu Doji Flats( ie
Thank you Donji Flats ), a four storey building in her rural Makuyu
home comprising a drive in bar and Guest House called Meera (luo)
Boarding & Lodging- Self Contained. Credit to her, she manged to hire
a smart lawyer for her hubby who successfully contested the robbery
with Violence charge ( like I said no weapon was used or produced) and
he is out on bail but living on her!……..

Vote out our entire stupid leaders who are over 50 years from parliament in the dec elections and get fresh ideas aka a new start on how to do things, these political dinosaurs are killing us!

As for your comparisons of the roads and hospitals in kenya and here,did you even happen to pass by your classroom window during history class? i’ll do you a favour and enlighten you on what you missed & why these guyz are loaded,let us colonise this country for 4oo years and take their able bodied folk to work in our country at a fee of ummmmmmmmmm 0.00kr per hour,7 days a week, and at the end of it all, our toilets in the ghetto will be soooo clean we’ll turn them into dining rooms!!!!!!!!!

Baba nanii, if you ever join Kenyan politics in future, i surely would vote for you! Coz unad… points!

JEFF OLE NGAIS | maasai@warrior.com | IP:

Kenyatta hospital should be a honourable symbol of our freedom

Posted by maasaiwarrior on July 24th, 2007

Reacting on the story published by butdoisay, with link below, https://butdoisay.wordpress.com/2007/07/23/the-kenyatta-hospital/ I realize how stinky and a shaming it must be to sometimes be a Kenyan. In a civilized society, hospitals, schools, roads and other public premises symbolizes the uncompromising power of the sovereignty of the people that particular that country.

How then is it expected ofanyone however patriotic one might be to defend such a shameful face created by bad political decisions made by selfish politicians through out time for their selfish gains and forgetting how stinky the repercussions will be!

Maasaiwarrior wants to elaborate the need to discuss more on the issue of our stinking hospital and other public premises. As butdoisay tells in his blog, the story of his friend who lost both his lips to a somewhat sort of cannibal fellow and the horrific shortcomings of the Kenyan national public hospital is a reflection on what Kenya has been made to.

A man made stinking little beautiful “sovereign country” with beautiful powerful people Kenya is! As of today, we have let political robbers to completely destroy our pride, our dignity thus leading to the whole country repelling just by the look.

Kenya was one of the best up growing countries with maximum opportunity to move from third world position to the second world position. Poor governance protected by well established career criminals have made all attempts by good Kenyans to save God our country.

What would any sitting minister or the president of Kenya tell his people when asked the question why Kenyatta national hospital is stinking so much that even butdoisay walking 5 km from the hospital with his eyes blind folded could tell that he is by the hospital by it’s unbearable stench? Why is Kenyatta stinking so much? For heaven sake! We deserve a little bit of decency!

Have you ever visited the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi? or the British high commission? Have you been to Agha Khan Hospital or any other Hospital which is managed by other nationalities apart from Kenyans?

Please save me from being stamped biased to our own people but I am forced to say “DID I SAY SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH US”? Why the hell do we always turn paradise to hell?

Kenyatta as well as Nairobi was constructed with our resources and manpower. We planted Jacaranda and Magnolia flower and shade trees along the roads to make it even more attracting. Through forced labor, our forefathers gave all their lives to make Nairobi what it was before we turned it to stinking Nairobi. How will those who build Nairobi with their own hands react if they were still here? Paherps many of them are still alife and the question is what explaination they would give why for example Kenyatta hospital is in such a bad shape.

As a ” cowboy” that I am, though from the Maasailand, it is very seldom that goats go to bed before they clean their bed the same with cows and donkeys, cats and dogs too. In some cases , where these animals are astray, they shit on their beds before they lay their bodies to rest.

I am not going to believe that a major population of Nairobians are astray! Neither am I going to believe that Kenyans parliament do not realize how Kenyatta hospital is in a an a shaming shape. Don’t they themselves realize that corps are packed in buckets like peaces of smoke dried giraffe fillet in a hand made wooden bucket.

But I must say or it is said “but do i say”?

Dear Mr do i say,

I am a nursing student in England and am looking for the e-mail address for Kenyatta hospital. I would like to do my elective week there but cannot find any contact address

i want to know more about trainigs at kenyata hospital in

i moha at south c first i thanks to all employees at kenta hos 4 good job especially nurses and doctors may god place u amen so pls i want u i want u to be well equip i was not happy the other day when foreign doctors arrived in the country actual it is not good am seen there are much qualified doctors in ken ya and why don’t foreign arrived? am waiting this solution ok

I’d say the governing of Kenyatta hospital goes way back to Ministry of Health: And how much of the budget set aside to govern goverment hospitals. Another thing for this hospital to come around, it really depends on the people governing it at a close range: I don’t know if this happens there too but in some other towns you will find that these qualified doctors working at these goverment hopitals always have a private hosi they run on the side thereby making money along side with what they get from their salaries. In otherwords they are paid by the goverment but actually nobody spends time at the hospital and there is nobody controlling this coz they are doctors. If they did spend time at the hospitals then they would notice the severe stench and just maybe put more pressure from up above to get more favourable working environment.
I am a working personell at diaspora hospital, and i would say it takes alot of work and organisations at a multitude level to govern a small hospital let alone a big one.
My say in this is that Kenya still has a long way to go go as regards it healthcare system and for this to improve they will have to revisit all the decisions past right from the ministry of health itself. And from there move down the ladder as they improve our hospital hence improving our peoples health towards a better and long life. My take is we have faith and never give up hope, since its time of change: And with the slogan “Yes we can” Kenya will too.

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