“The Diaspora Children”

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These are the luckiest children since they have it all…good accomodation..free school…their own room…a tv..a computer..a playstation..an x -box and maybe love.When they are growing they are so lovable that a parent would wish them to remain young.

Some parents never discipline them when they are tender and when they grow old… 12 years they start behaving like buffaloes….they become so arrogant and rude they can spit on a grown up, be it a parent or an uncle.They never listen to anybody. not even to their teacher….they are the diaspora children.The system is protecting them,they have the right to refuse…and you cannot force them.

Back in Africa children are disciplined…though not always in a right manner sometimes…because some parents over do it….like I remember when we were young in Kenya we had a neighbour who was a half cast,a very pretty lady and guys could be seen around their compund all the time,so the mum was so strict that she did not want her to talk to guys and she was always watching on her…her name was Sheela.Everytime the mother found Sheela with boys it would be a total war…and all we could hear was just screams when Sheela got back home.I remember one day the mother took a hot iron box and placed it on both of Sheelas thighs just beside her private parts…she got 2 big iron box scars…….What a loving parent???All these was in the name of scaring guys away who were interested in sleeping with Sheela….

This was inhuman …to her own daughter.

But then in Africa, children are also disciplined by stick or belt…I remember when we were in primary school,every day during break time we had our own game we called Kung fu…we would go out during the breaks and kick one another like you see on Kung fu shaolin movies….we were addicted….that was all we could discuss in school on how I kicked so and so until he bled or so and so until he collapsed…so one day we started kicking a friend and unfortunately ,he swallowed his tongue…he was rushed to the hospital and was lucky to survive…..We were called by the headmaster to his office to get our punishment…I remember we were forced to ly on the floor and remove our pants….we each received 25 slashes on our bums…..capital punishment….

I believe we were harshly disciplined…but on the other hand we were disciplined the right way…we respect our elders…our parents and our teachers.Should the diaspora children be disciplined harshly or should we let nature take its course….butdoisay…..

True story.

Clay Onyango


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2 Responses to ““The Diaspora Children””

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I believe that diaspora children should be disciplined like we were.. not necessarily by beating till they bleed or resorting to sheela’s mom idea of punishment, rather than the pinch here and there ama mwiko kwa matanye when needed…. but be careful not to overdo it otherwise the kid will take it as a joke and will feel nothing….another thing is taking these kids back home to africa or wherever..to the villages so they get a feel of what’s out there.. leave them for the whole summer holiday(but be sure to have guardians that will provide good guidance) Then again in regards to respect, they also need see this respect in their homes(out here in Europe or America)

Unfortunately, it so happens that many of them are being raised in broken homes, the mothers or fathers are in abusive relationships, physically and psychologically. the parent(s) may be out of the picture too so the kid is left having the tv and all other gadgets as babysitter….i have been to some homes where words between grown ups are not filtered when kids are there.

So, if there is respect in the home, between the parents(whether separated, divorced or together) with their friends and other family members, then diaspora kids will pick up these traits and eventually respect will be given and reciprocated. we need not wait till the kid is like 12 to start disciplining, the formative years of respect, right-wrong doing are never tooo early (nor too late for you in total dispair) to start………my two cents…andisay

Good advice nyams..

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