Tribal In Laws

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Wambui come here…”I dont want you to be married by a luo”…they dont circumsize..they eat fish..they remove their 6 front teeth and they cook in a washing bucket!!!…or

Atieno bi ka…come here..I dont want you to be married by a Kikuyu….they are thieves….they have tiny legs….they eat Githeri….ie maize and beans every day or …

Cherir….come here I dont you to be married by a Luhya…they sleep with chickens…and they have very big bums…….Or Nafula come here I dont want you to get married by a kamba…they have a very bad accent…and they wear rainbow colours…

These are the disgusting words from tribal parents who do not want their sons or daughters to intermarry with other tribes in Kenya….

What has all these got to do with love…..shame on in laws that encourage this behaviour….the decision maker is either the man or the woman.Love has no can fall in love with an aborogine in Australia….an Indian in South America…a Japanesse in Asia or a White person in Europe.

Never listen to your parents if this is how they reason… their choice is not always the best choice… can make your own good decision.Nowadays,some Kikuyus eat fish…some luos circumsize…and some luhyas…hahaaa have smaller well placed bums…unlike the old ones that would suport a thermos with 2 tea cups…Thieves come from different tribes nowadays..a short story..some years ago,I was just taking a night stroll in Kenya around 1900 hrs and I came across an injured man that had been stabbed 5 times…twice on the back..on the shoulder and on his hand…the scene was frightening…the flesh was hanging from all the stabbings…but fortunately he was limping home for help…I approched him and got his hand to support him..of course he was losing consciousness…as we were walking I asked him what happened and he said in pain that he was stabbed by some thieves who were speaking luo…and in my dum brains I had thought they were the kikuyus…..because that was part of their hobby…… see …I was wrong…so things have changed nowadays..lets not be tribalists and intermarry amongs our Kenyan tribes if possible…..and we should ignore our tribalists mother and father in laws….butdoisay…..
True life story
Clay Onyango


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3 Responses to “Tribal In Laws”

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here, you really made my day:) you’re talking. do you know that, if intermarriages in Kenya were encouraged, and settlements/migrations to different parts in kenya, as in Luos to buy land in Muranga, or Kiambu…and kiukks v.v, then tribalism would not have been a problem in Kenya. whatever our first leaders did!!!!!!! God knows!!

Funny thing the “mis”leaders are the one encouraging this kind of rhetoric for whatever they want to mislead us about. Although the younger generation seem not to care. In this area, the wazees are over represented and have failed kenyans miserably.

I totally agree with yo Clay on this matter because its one of the common disagreements between parents and their soon-to-be-married children.

My advice
‘do what your heart really feels like’ am actually following that path myself.

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