Why African Men Like Fat Women…

Posted on July 13, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Dear readers,do you wonder why African men like fat women….I will try to help you out…African men believe that by having a fat woman it is a sign of wealth…just like they believe that men with big tummies are wealthy,in real sense the fat men I know with big tummies are poor and not wealthy as its believed. Look at me … Moi,Raila,Njonjo, Michuki,bill Gates,Clinton,Donald Trump and Tony blair these men are not so fat and yet very rich….if we look at rich women…Oprah Winfrey,Wangari Mathai,Hilary Clinton and many more are rich but they are not so fat….so this is just another African belief like many others…..another example of an African belief is if a woman bends,removes her pants and shows you her “back” it is a sign of a curse or a bad omen….who said its a curse or a bad omen…..I dont believe this…during the demonstration that Wangari Mathai was involved in in Kenya….they scared the Kenya police away when they removed their pants because the women involved were old and not because they were scared of being cursed……do you really think the Kenyan police would run away if they were young beautiful ladies removing their gears to show their backs?No way…there is no bad omen or curse involved here…its only when they are old then you would be irritated to look at them….If its true that there is bad omen involved…did the Kenya Police that were involved with Mathaai die…we also saw it live on Tv and what happened to us …nothing…

So there is only one reason why an African man likes a fat woman…”the fatter they are the tighter the squeeze”……butdoisay!!!!…I STILL LIKE THEM SLIM THOUGH…so slim chicks dont be offended….

Clay Onyango


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10 Responses to “Why African Men Like Fat Women…”

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let me put it this way, we africans love fat
woman, yes we do. do you know why? who is gonna love the fat women if we dont? and by the way we dont love fat, like the whole body, africans look for mathuthas, yaaani madiaba. just like wazungu like slim with big k.c.c which in most cases are not real but silicon!! how do you make love to somebody who is halv plastic? i would rather go for fat woman than slim, fake woman.by the way do you know how many young girls are admited in hospitals because of men like you? they starve themselves to death coz they wanna look slim!! why dont you men do the same? there is nothing wrong in loving fat women, kipeda roho hula nyama mbichi. am sayiiing

ahhh clay now i know its just your opinion but i think u re not right in comparing the ordinary person with the likes of these high rollers/profilers… they have beauticians, body people who tell them what to eat or what not to eat.. etc..ur average jane ain’t fat.. they just got stuff to hold on to..BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.. U LIKE THEM SLIM SOME LIKE EM VOLUPTUOS………. I LIKE THEM..JUST THE WAY THEY ARE …ITS SKIN DEEP…………..

We like fat women coz we get more heat in winter and more shed during summer holz butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wacha ujinga Clay…

You are just telling people what type of a person yo are

Shock absorbers man like Clay…shock absorbers..that’s why… And by the way, what do you mean you still like “them” slim? Si ulikuwa na harusi kubwa sana the other day…?

Just curious ..this nanii……is it the same person.

No Chebet, in fact im very curious to know who mama nanii and charlie wa nani are??????????? butdoisay!!!!!!!!



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