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I know most of my readers do not know the meaning of kalongolongo….this was during our days…the childhood cooking…we used to make small pans and utensils out of kimbo and cowboy tins….make a fire…and then make food.The kids of today really do nothing compared to  our days.I remember we used to hunt for birds and then make them our  food ..my favourite bird was the weaver bird…a very pretty bird that was also very yammy..not forgetting the doves..dush,and aruru..we wished we could move to Rome where they have doves all over the streets.We would eat the whole bird including the bones  since their bones were too weak compared to our hard teeth…this included the head and the feet. Sometimes I look at the birds in Europe sorrounding people and I thank God they were born here…otherwise during our days we would just jump on them and make use of them during  kalongolongo…with no regrets…

What about the flying termites…people term them as insects but during our days they were consumable…and what about the locusts,the locusts kill people in some countries but during our days we used to consume them.I know you are wondering which era this was…it was in the 70s….when Kalongolongo was really Kalongo……butdoisay!!!

Clay Onyango


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4 Responses to ““Kalongolongo….””

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hey bwana i think you have been in europe that you have 4gotten kidogo manenos here and there…..when you talk about”we used to make small pans and utensils out of soda tins…”bwana we had no canned sodas by then it was blueband…kimbo, cowboy etc…
hata hivyo i like your nostalgic way of taking us down memory lane….
i remember them days when we would play cha baba na mama…..guesse who would always want to be the baba?
talk of going after the birds…we used to hunt zile zinaitwa dush …aruru…..mkia…hehehehe “washana nayo”
and to correct you again this was in 80s
but do i say?

Bwana Kusmus…thanks man it was kimbo..cowboy tins,now you have even reminded me of their real names..dush, aruru… how I miss that flesh…I was sleepy when I wrote this…thanks but do they still exist?? yani ilikuwa juzi tu?The 80s…why dont you give me some of your stories…but..umesema….

What about Bladi, Kati, seven stones,muwindo,swimmo, safo,shake,tipo,brigisho-bantu,i went to london and i saw?,i went to another country calllleddd?,pelele,sonyi na wagondi,muring’ari,beta,bano, We were creative then weren’t we? I think the 80’s was the best time to live in, now the only game left for us is BILLS,BILLS,BILLS and more BILLS butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grew up in the 80s and as Baba nani {btw are you really nani’s baba…just kidding} said thats how it went down. Living in that era made kids to be creative {hence the inventions of such many games} and active. Todays children are either stuck infront of a tv or a computer screen. What a boring childhood for kids especially in the diaspora! But i guess they dont know any better so no complaints!

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