Change My Wardrobe…

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Dear readers have you realized that our fashion in diaspora is stale compared to those ones in Kenya or Africa,I have seen many people in diaspora with the same clothing on different occassions,the same shoes as if they have just landed from Africa….sorry…this saying is old nowadays…it should be as if they have just landed from diaspora. Africans are dressing more than us living in diaspora nowadays,look at their hair styles on TV or in reality when you visit Africa.As soon as you step off Jomo Kenyatta Airport…yes you would think that wameparara..because the people you see first are the custom officials,tax free workers,the Kenya Police with their old,unironed uniforms then you think…kwani watu wameparara aje Kenya…but just wait until you step outside JKA….you start seeing fresh hairdos,well dressed Kenyans..with posh cars until you wonder what you are doing in diaspora….yes we might say they buy their clothes from Kikomba…but they look good in them and  have a variety…..

When a diasporian visits Africa…they do not intend to stay longer…2 weeks or maximum  1 month…their stay is well planned per day…this means if they carry 10000 kronors… that money is divided into 30 days…if you really  want to punish a diasporian…steal his passport and ticket after 30 days of his planned stay… will see his true colours in poverty….if he stays 2 more months….you will start seeing a sign of death in his eyes…..he would be wondering about the job he has lost…would be wondering about Kronofogden and the unpaid bills back in diaspora….it would be as if he is going to start a new life in diaspora ….

Well…good fashion in diaspora is off course expensive and might be too expensive for some of us…but why not go to a second hand butik where you can get  cheap designer clothes and change your wardrobe……its a different occassion…wear a different outfit….butdoisay….

Clay Onyango


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8 Responses to “Change My Wardrobe…”

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Clay pliz u of all pple should know how tough we have it out here! With all the bills, saving money to go home, sending money to relas, well fashion is not a priority to some of us. I would rather have savings than the latest shoe or outfit! I would rather invest in jewellery like
gold coz if mambos enda vibaya i can always trade
in the gold for cash. Tuko mbali and we should try looking for ways of making chapa n saving it for our tomorrow
coz as long as we r out here it will never be like
home n I by the grace of God would like to retire back home at an old age!butimsaying

sasa iko namna hii,kenya pple dress bwana!!
lakini hapa no way!! sasa nitadress vipoa niende
wapi? majob watu tunado huku ni kifagio, na ile
ingine i dont wanna mention!. gikomba ya huku hata
siwezi kuweka kwa my wordrobe!! inatupa niaje!!
oh my God.3 ukienda tao umedress vipoa kila mtu
is like unaenda party wapi? when my dad was here
alikua anavaa suti kila siku na tai but one day
akaniuliza “kwani ni mimi tu navaanga suti huku”?
it was in the summer 2001. so i think pple would
like to dress but wanajiuliza niende wapi? disco
hautakubaliwa ukiwa black man, job ukienda umengara
sana hata mdosi will ask you why!! unlike Londan
pple dress bwana!! wakenya kule wanangara sana!
am sure you know. so it depends where on earth

Melody dear…do you know that the jewellery match well with a good dress and shoes…and of
course while well dressed….you really enjoy your savings..and sometimes dear you do not even
live to enjoy your savings,how long will we save…enjoy your cash Mel buy yourself a good outfit

Man Kebi…Umenichekesha!!!

Jamani Clay u want majamaa to thread alafu wait for u like the matano fela uwatreat!si i’d rather have my same outfit but have some chapa in the mfuko?

Nakubaliana na wewe clay, “Yesterday is history,today is a gift tommorrow is just a promise” Wapi huko watu wanapata guarantees ati wataishi hadi wazeeke nika pate yangu hata mi nianze ku save?
You only live once fellow Kenyans, enjoy every single day of your lives and “ride this maafaka till the wheels fall off”butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its called fashon.. or the lack thereof.. it died out here….. thing is out here pple think that no one really cares how they look.. lakini u shud see wen one goes digs and u think yu the one showing them the fashion NG’OO00.. U end up hitting their shopping joints just to style up.. alafu the way in nai pple recognize ati umetoka majuu.. sio kitu ingine ni ile mavazi huwa watu wanavaa!!!:))) andisay..

Hear yeah! People need to style up! Cheap doesnt necessarily have to be second hand eish why are people so stingy to themselves or are they not just bothered?

Man Kebi, people in the UK have every reason to dress well due to the many stores that offer cheap stuff and i guess the same case applies to Otato.

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