The diaspora beggers…

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Dear readers…I have to touch this subject that I think is frustrating….”ni nunulie bia”….”nibayie wine”…”basi pitisha ka bia”…”buy me a beer or wine”…these are the words of the diaspora beggers…they first say hallo to you in a party and the next question is please buy me a drink….cant you even ask me about my family first….my health and my job ?

Well I can afford to buy you a drink…but please keep in mind that I might have come with my wife,a brother,a sister an uncle or aunt who is also depending on me on this occassion!!! Most of these African parties do not take credit cards and that means that I might be having only enough cash to cater for my companions or relatives.Imagine buying for about 10 beggers plus my relatives….isnt this exploitation on the highest order?

Why did you attend the party if you didnt have cash…and why are you drinking whisky if you cant afford it….by the way I am drinking Fanta that costs 10 Kronors and you want me to buy for you a tot of whisky that costs 35 Kronors…..shame on you…drink what you can afford!!!

Like I went out to a club sometime back….and I met my friend Matano outside the club stranded….I asked him …vipi..whats up? He replied that he was stranded to go in…he could not afford the entrance fee….100 kronors….”for heavens sake”…what was he doing there and why did he go out???? Well,I was in a good mood and I offered to sponsor him…so we went in together…got a nice table…and of course I had my companions…so I asked them what they would want to drink…and to my surprise Matano ordered for bloody mary drink….it sounded like french to me coz I had never heard of such a drink…it was the most expensive in that club!!! This is someone who could not afford to pay the entrance fee…drinking bloody mary…..isnt this  a bloody Matano??

Please dont go out and exploit others by begging for a drink…drink water its free… bloody beggers!!!…..butdoisay…

True exploitation story.

Clay Onyango


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6 Responses to “The diaspora beggers…”

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hahaha thats sooo true.. pple that cannot afford drinks or entrance shud stay at home. lakini lemmie ask.. Was this Matano expecting u there? ama alikua anabahatisha tu and it ended up with u being the victim of exploitation??
lakini him ordering bloody mary is funny…………………..NOT!!

wacheni tabia mbaya!

Nyams…I think Matano is one of these opportunists..very well dressed..smells very good cologne but the pockets are inside out…buthedarenosay!!!!

hehehhe you wanna talk exploitation, then “enda nyumbani”, I once found my self buying drinks, paying taxi’s, and even catering for breakfast the next day…I spent over 10k, and by the way, I do not drink.
Well, I only have myself to blame, no one forced me..lakini the way they beg, haki, they manipulate you so much, that if you’re not careful, you’d even find yourself promising rent and school fees!!!

Lady N at least those ones are in Africa and maybe hawajiwezi…but in diaspora where you are expected to be independent and working…its sad….

maze umebonga,there are pple who truely missuse our
african way of saying pewa moja. you dont have
to ask somebody who has just come in to buy you moja,
you should start by buying him then he or she
must rudisha mkono.kama una doo maze stay at home.
wacha kujienjoy am saying.

Yeah I understand, the conditions back home could be quite tough, and is understandable.Lakini hapa kila mtu ajitolee……

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