“Grandma, Grandpa Stinks”

Posted on June 25, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

“Grandma and Grandpa stinks”……..These are the words from our bad raised children.Some children are so badly raised that they do not respect their grand parents.Its our duty as parents to raise our children with good morals and good behaviour.I remember when I were young i could hear children saying” imagine tomorrow I have to accompany my grandmother to town or i have to accompany my grand dad to the hospital” she stinks,I will be so embarrassed.Some children even totally refuse to accompany them.

We as parents have to let them know that these are our parents and they need to be respected…. however stinky they are!! There are some daily life behaviours that old age cannot keep up with..like brushing the teeth,washing- thus scrubbing the whole body well,wiping well after a long and short calls.

Those Grandies in Africa rarely use perfumes because they cannot afford it,the water in the big cities is also scarce and poverty contributes to all these too.

At the age of 80 its difficult for an old person to remember things…. so what about to wash…. you can even forget to wipe after a long call and this is not your fault.I have been looking myself on the miror and I have realized that I am getting some extra flesh on my face,I am getting some white hair on some parts of the body…I have also realized that some of my friends are also aging,their faces are getting extra flesh and they even sometimes forget to wipe the white substance from their eyes………these are old age signs buddies!!!

Let the children remember that they too will grow old and will expect a fare treatment……butdoisay!!

True life story:Clay Onyango


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