Are Kenyan Men In Stockholm Becoming Rapists?

Posted on June 14, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Dear readers,this month has not been good for Kenyans living in Sweden.There have been allegations of rape cases,wife beating and unfortunately HIV transmission to a 14 year old .The wife beating case can be understood though not allowed in any society,the HIV transmission to a  14 year old  is just too unjustified and  sad to explain, but the  rape cases to the spouses they live with are questionable ,are they real or are they being framed?How would the court of law judge the accused,what evidence do they have since these are couples that have been living together for so many years.They have been having an intimate relationship for some years or months and yet they are being accused of raping their wives?Have they been raping them ever since they met?What evidence will they carry forward?

What about if she just wants to get rid of the accused and get a new one?These are questions we cannot answer but the fact  is that they are going to jail  for so long…..…butdoisay!!

Ps.Edited and Topic changed due to unclear information…sorry..

True sad story:Clay Onyango


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3 Responses to “Are Kenyan Men In Stockholm Becoming Rapists?”

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First of all wife beating, should neither be understood nor accepted. Secondly, whether it was a rape case or not, the bottom line is that this guy probably knew he was infected, he should have been more careful. we live in a society where women in general are highly protected by the law. We need to play our cards right, and not mess arround.Whether the act was through violence or not, it should still be considered as a rape, due to the man’s condition. There are millions of people out there infected with HIV, at this point it is part of our lives, one of the many reasons why pple still contract the disease despite awareness created, is the trust we have to each other, we fall in love, with mallicious and evil pple who are out there to spread the disease, claiming they too got it from someone.( This is just a general note, and does not neccessarily apply to the above case).
Use protection guys, and in case you decide to settle with someone, please go for a test.
There are so many ways of even starting a family, and having healthy kids when you are infected,so if you love each other, not even HIV should stop you from being parents. Seek help, and live LONG!!!!

Stockholmbabe….youhavereallysaidit…I bow
like the Japanesse do…well said.

just to add on the above statement, there are chances that this guy could also have been infected by these women. Who says that only africans suffer from HIV?
The bottom line is still….and I’ll keep preaching this ..USE PROTECTION, GO FOR A TEST!!!!

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