Who Said You Are Better Off?

Posted on June 13, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Another problem facing Africans in diaspora is some of the men and women that are married to whites believe that they are better off…who said that you are better off?Just because its easier for you to drive a new volvo,to live in a villa,to go on holiday,to wear versace clothes,carry a louis vutton  bag,walk a bulldog around the city,do manicure and pedicure ,fix your boobs,wear a breightling watch and so on makes you feel  so special?? Pleazzze…..these does not make you any special.

Its sad that some Africans assume  that they  are in another world…you would hear them say that they do not want to mingle with other Africans,”Africans gossip alot”,”Africans do not keep time”,”I do not trust their food”,”they shout alot”,”they are thieves” and “they are not organised”….and by the way when was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror??You are still African dear…..

In an African society we believe in saying hi to every African we meet on the road,whether we know them or not….and so when we see you walking the bull dog out…we still see you as one of us and when we say hi…respond, and not just to give us those full make uped eyes…”for heavens sake ..we are saying hi to  you and not to the bulldog”.

We are proud of the kiondos our women carry,the vikois or lesos they wear,the tie and dye clothing they wrap around themselves,the Bata shoes or Akala shoes they wear,the casio watches they wear…all these are cheap stuff but believe me they are very expensive in their hearts…….butdoisay!!!

True life in diaspora story.Clay Onyango

Ps.Keep in mind… not all that are married to whites… SOME..


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7 Responses to “Who Said You Are Better Off?”

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Recently at a night out i met a girl who i kind of know. Not that we are close or anything but there is no question that we know each other, even by name. I said hi and she just gave me a stare with her big african eyes, and reluctantly said hi with an attitude. I had to ask somebody what her problem was, only to be told that she only dates white boys and I’m not in her league. What the F…, I was only saying hi!

A truth well narrated and researched,the bottomline is these people who change their lifestyle to be who they are not,only explains what ignorance can be.Goodwork Mr.Clay.

I think that this has nothing to do with the fact that they are married to whites, some have attitude regardless. I am proudly married to a white and believe me I am more african that anybody would ever imagine! if you get me right.
in other words being married to a white has nothing to do with it!!!
To the sisters out there, you probably would agree with me that when a brother says hi to you respond, the next step would be…so how can I see you…in otherwords, saying hi to a brother would be opening a new chapter,but do isay

This story reminds me of when i went to school with another african girl here in stockholm, she used to brag to me that “they” bought a villa,”they” bought a car,”they” bought this and that, after around two years, she got dumped by the white boyfie only to realise that “they” did’nt buy shit, it was “he” who had bought everything,”She” was apparently more broke than “me” and believe me i am ‘BROKE’ butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with E, I once met a brother, who was so nice to me, until I mentioned that I was Married, the next question was..and I quote” kama umeolewa na mzungu, hizo ni marriages zenye azi stay, hawa wazungu wana chukuwa wasichana wetu”…I got so mad, told him to piss off. The story that that later came out was, “oh she thinks she is all that coz she is married to a white”.
What’s so speciall with getting married to a white anyway? I think we should be proud of ourselves, and hey when you say hello to me next time- please incase I am in a hurry, and have no time “chitchating”, with you , let go BROTHER. Hizi ma storry nyingi, ndiyo zi naleta rumours, bogus!!
haven’tI said it.

Ive dated both black n white guys n believe u me, colour has got nothing to do with anything,


Melody, melody, melody, don’t you think we have a bit more flavour? not to be a racist or something,but whose got more game?(and clay b4 u attack me, this has nothing to do with in between the sack)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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