Why God is Great!!

Posted on June 4, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Dear readers,do you wonder sometimes why God is great?God is great because of many different reasons.I will give you a few stupid reasons as they might be termed by some of us that we have never thought of….have you ever wondered how a very fat person with a big stomach,big bums like a sumo player would balance on his toes without falling?Try to assemble a man that fat and try to balance him with his artificial toes…..it will never work!!!! Thats why God is great!!!

Have you EVER seen a very thin lady or a man—with legs so tiny…very big stomach,big bums and wonder how they are supported by those tooth pick sized legs??Thats why God is great!!!

Have you ever wondered how we grow? Human beings,Fruits,flowers and animals grow every day to a certain age or level…but we dont see it with our bare eyes how the process takes place…even if you keep an eye on a flower or a child for days you wont see them grow an inch!!!!Thats why God is Great!!!

Have you ever wondered how the food process takes place in your stomach?No sounds like you hear when a car engine does removing carbon monoxide …the process is too silent and suddenly you remove the faeces….like the car removes the carbon monoxide but with a lot of vrrrrrrr!!!Thats why God is great!!!

Do you sometimes wonder how you get hairy…or how you get your teeth? What materials are they from,I mean you only have flesh and blood in your body…where do they come from? Thats why God is the greatest!!!

…And have you ever thought of the air you breath,i mean its invicible and yet we cannot live without oxygen…and what about the water,what is the material that makes water….I do not know and will never know…and thats why God is great!!!

This is how I would introduce God to my friends if he happened to visit my home for a party:

Ladies and Gentlemen,I am honored to introduce God who happens to be the King of Kings…Queen of Queens…Star of the Stars…President of the Presidents..Mothers of mothers and of course our beloved Father………butdoisay….How would you introduce God???

A true thinking.:By Clay Onyango

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