Are Kenyan Ladies loosing touch?

Posted on May 31, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Is it really true that Kenyan ladies are going for quickies as accused?I am enclosing some articles from some few concerned Kenyans who have decided to express their voices.Kenyan ladies can do better.By going for a quicky means that you are in a hurry and this might lead to unprotected S.. which  might lead to Hiv or Syphillis.C´mon Kenyan ladies we are so proud of you….have you forgotten that you are Kenyan L .A .D. I. E S?Change style….. go for longies… at least you have time to use Cds and not quickies!!!….butdoisay….Read the articles below….

From Baba nani: Kenyans need to style up, just the other day some nigerian friends of mine were asking me to explain why ‘kenyan girls’ like to go out for quickies especially in African parties around stockholm!!!!!!
When i asked for names thinking they were just bluffing, i got seriously shocked that they had names to back it up, plus they were even willing to put their money where their mouth was, so i was reduced to saying “F—ing hell, i’m a kenyan guy anyway”.
My point is we don’t need that for example,sistaz plizz style up n get the game,but don’t leave the game alone the game needs you—-Butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baba nanii!!
May 28th, 2007

From Jenny:May be this Nigeirians were just joking. For heaven sake why on earth would a kenyan girl go for a quicky? Is it in the toilets or the bushes? Of course they know the Kenyan girls, they have been trying to get into their grill. I think this guys were just trying to embarass you Baba nani.

May 31st, 2007

From Melody:Im afraid i have to agree with what baba nanii is saying coz i have heard the same comments about kenyan ladies, i think alcohol has a major roll in all this. I think our ladies r buzzing too much and thus losing control.. but do i say

May 31st, 2007

From BabaNani:Trust me jenny, i also thought they were kidding at first, but believe me this won’t be the first or last time you hear of this story, i came to believe it when i told a good kenyan friend of mine(name withheld) and he confirmed to me that he has personally heard some kenyan women at those funny norsborg giggs asking to be taken outside for a quickie!!!!!butdoisay!!!!!!!!

Clay Onyango


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3 Responses to “Are Kenyan Ladies loosing touch?”

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Im very proud to be a kenyan but maze alot of us have really lost touch. I will say it again that alcohol is destroying many of our ladies and the saddest thing about it is that some of women misbehaving r mothers! Many might be in denial about all this but i will say it again our ladies r buzzing too much n have therefore lost touch………its sad especially knowing that kuna watoto in the picture butdoisay

I think most people have lost touch even the men who have quickies with the ladies, this is a choice you make, go for it if it suites you, one advice though..USE PROTECTION. HIV is out there, waiting to get ya’
peace and Love

It is disgusting to read about the quickies or whatever you call them.I hope the above information and comments will rest where it belongs and save the day for the concerned parties.

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