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I just remembered this story in a boarding school that i would like to share with you.When i was in a boarding school,we had our own group…the Nairobi group,we used to be the naughty know from Nairobi.We would dodge classes if it was a subject that we did not like,we would not queue during lunch time or dinner for food,we would make sure that we get the top layer of the recipe that was to be served,we would do all kinds of activities that were not allowed…just because we were from Nairobi.

We had an English teacher Mr Omondi and our physics teacher Miss Owino,we had noticed that these two were in love somehow and we really wanted to know what they were upto after school…it was a boarding school and so both of them were living in the school compound at the teachers quarters.They would sneak together during lunch time and accompany one another to Mr Omondis apartment…we would also sneak and follow them slowly and study their loving moments.

DAY ONE…..Around 1300 hours Mr Omondi leaves the dinning room in a hurry followed by Miss Owino…we decide to truck them towards Mr Omondis apartment to see what would happen…they enter the apartment close the door,we rush to the door and peeped through the key hole….we did not have a good view but we saw it all happen,with their clothes on…..I was the first one to watch and then the rest of the guys…..

DAY TWO…after school around 1800 hours they did the same left very fast in a hurry….and of course we left very fast in a hurry to view the free romantic movie…we did the same peeped through the key hole….and we saw it happen again and again and again,but this time there was a problem…because i tried to be the first one to watch but the other ones refused ,so there was a tug of war at the door and we touched the door handles during the fracas….so we believe Mr Omondi suspected our mission…but we took off.

DAY  THREE…Same time after school,they left again and we left too…they closed the door and this time we had agreed that we would prefer to see it all happen on a plasma tv…so we decided to use the upper window on top of the door,whereby you would see the whole bedroom.The problem was that we were too short and we had to carry one another on the shoulders…so my friend convinced me that he would be the first one….i struggled but managed to carry him on my shoulders….as he was preparing to view the foreplay on top of my shoulders,Mr Omondi opened the door…….what? I let go of my friend from my shoulders and took off….he staggered,fell on the ground..and took off like a concorde…unfortunately Mr Omondi had captured the faces that were viewing his loving moments for free.the story continues…….butdoisay….

True story:Clay Onyango


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