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This goes to those who are looking for love through the internet,well,I would  say that it works sometime ,but in many cases that i know,girls are usually used and dumped.I think its better to look for someone who is not far from the city that you reside in,for example if you live in Sweden get someone who lives in Norway,Finland and Denmark,if you reside in Kenya get someone who lives in Tanzania or Uganda.Its unfortunate that our sisters in Africa would of course love to get someone who lives in Europe, the U.S and Japan ,since they are looking for the green pasture.

My friend X who lived in Kenya found someone in Norway on the internet,she had her own business in Kenya and had to sell her assets so that she could join the internet boyfriend in Norway.The Norwegian man told her she can only help her if she finds herself in Scandinavia somewhere.She bought a ticket and took off to France because that was the only country she could get a visa.When she arrived in France,she called the internet boyfriend and told him that she was in Europe,the boyfriend amazingly insisted that she has to be in scandinavia as he had said earlier..X did not know what to do,she stayed in France for a month surviving on the cash she had raised when she sold her assets.She had a sister in London but the sister could not do much also even though she had her papers and a home…(why do people change when they settle abroad..this was the sister).

Anyway,she got someone who would help her travel to Holland by road..of course who would also use her sexually…she arrived in Holland and stayed for a week…click..she remembered that she had a friend in Sweden and got in touch with him,he arranged a ticket for a bus from Holland to Sweden and finally X was in Sweden.

When she finally found herself in Sweden,she got in touch with the internet boyfriend who suggested that she should borrow some bus fare to purchase her ticket to Norway but will pay back.So X did borrow the money and finally she was also in Norway…a one day journey  took her almost two months.When she arrived in norway everything seemed to have worked out as planned.She was jolly all the time and had big plans for the future…this was only 5 days after spending a good sexual relationship with this man.

After 7 days of having been used thouroghly, things started to change…the internet crook decided to speak his mind off…”I dont love you anymore”…”I have no feelings for you”..What? Miss X replied…she was so surprised and did not know what to do..the crook told her that she should leave the next day….she calls her acquaintance  in sweden and explains the situation.Fortunately,he advices her  to take the morning bus and heads to Sweden.

We tried to call this crook,threatened to call cops on him..but we realised that we are far away from home and we might not be listened.J.U.S.T B.E.W.A.R.E O.F T.H.E I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T  L.O.V.E!!!…….tips to be advised later….butdoisay!!!!

True story:Clay Onyango


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