There Are 50 Ways To Find A Lover..

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My dear readers,I know its so difficult to find love or a lover abroad for some of us …I will try to help you as much as i can..but i will only give you a few of the 50 ways to find a lover.Never rely on the internet love,most of it is fake…and most internet  members want to use you.Let me nickname myself Dr.Phiriphiri and  not Dr Phil as on Tv,ask any questions regarding Love or  sickness,expect a humourous answer coz I am not a real doctor….

Dr.Phiriphiri says.Way number one-Go to a shopping  mall and pretend that you are buying Cds or Dvds,check around if you can see some attracting flowers…go closer ..hold some Cds from the shelf..ask her….do  you think this artist is good?…of course that would start a conversation and proceed…just make sure your mouth is clean,always use listerine(a mouth wash chemical) the tilapia, githeri  and muthokoi we eat leaves a bad odour.

Dr Phiriphiri says >way number two-Go out to a club,dont look so desperate as some of us do,order for a drink,look for the best sit where you can see everyone thats coming in…look if she is accompanied by her friends or maybe lover..most of the time they walk many and its difficult to separate them…leave them alone!! if she is alone,let her be your target….offer her a drink and proceed..always go for a normal conversation and not harsh desperate topics regarding S…

Dr.Phiriphiri says-Way number three-If you are really desperate,go to a pub late,when most of them are drunk….you will save cash by not offering any drink and by then you can get an injured flower…meaning she would be too drunk to realise what she is doing…and this could be to your advantage….if you happen to convince her home….leave very early before she sobbers up,otherwise it will be a rape case…butdidisaythis…

Dr Phiriphiri  says-Its summer time guys, purchase a basketball or volleyball…go to a beach with a friend….pretend you are playing basketball or volleyball…ask some flowers to come and join you..they will definitely do…use your chums and create a good relationship….you might be lucky!!!

Watch out for more tips on butdoisay….who knows you might be lucky like me..i found love and I have been in love for so many years……butdoisay….

True tips:By Clay Onyango nickname Dr phiriphiri


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9 Responses to “There Are 50 Ways To Find A Lover..”

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The summer hint got me thinking really…………..

For numbers 5 upto 50,just ensure you got “Game” coz ‘game recognizes game’ but do i say!!!!!!!!!!!

Baba…what do you mean by game?You mean mcheso ire igine?

Not that game(that one’s important too)but,’game,game, yaani game’ a lot of us Kenyans need to style up, just the other day some nigerian friends of mine were asking me to explain why ‘kenyan girls’ like to go out for quickies especially in African parties around stockholm!!!!!!
When i asked for names thinking they were just bluffing, i got seriously shocked that they had names to back it up, plus they were even willing to put their money where their mouth was, so i was reduced to saying “F—ing hell, i’m a kenyan guy anyway”.
My point is we don’t need that for example,sistaz plizz style up n get the game,but don’t leave the game alone the game needs you—-Butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!

May be this Nigeirians were just joking. For heaven sake why on earth would a kenyan girl go for a quicky? Is it in the toilets or the bushes? Of course they know the Kenyan girls, they have been trying to get into their grill. I think this guys were just trying to embarass you Baba nani.

Im afraid i have to agree with what baba nanii is saying coz i have heard the same comments about kenyan ladies, i think alcohol has a major roll in all this. I think our ladies r buzzing too much and thus losing control.. but do i say

Trust me jenny, i also thought they were kidding at first, but believe me this won’t be the first or last time you hear of this story, i came to believe it when i told a good kenyan friend of mine(name withheld) and he confirmed to me that he has personally heard some kenyan women at those funny norsborg giggs asking to be taken outside for a quickie!!!!!butdoisay!!!!!!!!

Lucky for the Kenyan women who a quicky works
for them. It takes a special kind of a woman to
enjoy a quicky. Others even take hours on the job but
nothing happens. So my fellow quicky women please
take care of yourselves….

Now that was a very tasty one jenny,though many fishy things might happen in a quicky,like the biggy getting trapped in the zippy, or a bobby catching you, getting freaky, or mosquitoes biting you in your t-tt–s.

PS:im just practising my poetry, don’ take this serious butdoisayeverdayinaspecialway!!!!!!!!!!!!

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