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This is a true story about a boarding school life.I still remember my first day in high school…i was so scared…i did not know what to expect in school..coz i had heard that people get bullied and mistreated badly.I quess i was abit lucky coz my brother who is  a well known actor in Kenya took me to school on my first day and by then those form fives and form six bad boys could recognise his face on the screens of Facture films during the commercials…so its like they respected me alot.I was accompanied by a friend called Chris and everything went so fine…filled the forms and were ushered to our dormitory as planned.

In that school there was a very well known bully beaf by the name…Obange..he was a tall,huge  guy  that you would not dare to play with..you would change direction if you were facing obange on the way.So that night as we went to bed..around midnight Obange came to our room and shouts  K…ma za mama zenyu amkeni….so Chris in his dreams as he was almost asleep …answers MZURI SANA..thinking that Obange had said Habari zenyu..so Obange comes to him and he is like.. come here you fool..who said hallo to you…who said hallo to you..he pulls Chris from the upper bed and down to the floor..Chris tries to negotiate but Obange does not listen..Obange picks up some plates from under the beds with some left overs ugali and forces Chris to eat the almost rotten food.As Chris was struggling to eat….i just watched him helplessly but softly tried to persuade Obange to forgive him…imagine that was the first day in high school…what a welcoming incident…Obange would remain in school during  half term periods when everybody else had left school…for what reason i did not know…but you wait when everybody else was coming back to school…he would carry his empty box..and wait for the buses and matatus that were bringing  students back to school…and as soon as you got off the bus..Obange would order you to open your bags..he would take all the butters,Roiko,Chappos if you were  carrying any…from every student…so can you imagine how heavy his bag was and Obange never went for half term holidays…that is the short story  of Obange the bully….butdoisay..

true story:Clay Onyango

Incase you would like to know what movies my bro has done..google him..Lenny Juma Onyango..appeared on Tomb rider 2 with Angelina Jolie…just to mention a few..


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