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Okoth Osewe and Duncan Munala have been very close friends and its so sad to see the fireworks they are producing against one another.Kenyans in Stockholm should be ashamed of themselves since we are the only country in Scandinavia and Europe that is not producing anything concrete on our websites or blogs apart from the abusive language,rumours and  propaganda amongst ourselves..i believe we might even be the last ones that have done nothing in terms of having assets or owning properties in Kenya in the whole of Europe…Okoth and Duncan need to chill down… we do not want to know what they did before they came to Europe…we all have our bad and good sides and if we were to reveal them,we would be running away when we see each other….I mean some have been murderers,some big thieves,some lesbians,gays and so on.I can understand they have two things in common..the height  5.2 inchs and they are both very good poets..Once you are this short its believed that one tends to have inferiority complex and in order to be recognised..you need to make noise.Well believe me guys we have noticed that you exist and we respect that..we also know that you are excersing your freedom of speech..but believe me we have had enough now!!!Make those blogs more educative and rumours and propaganda free.My advice to both of you Odm-ks or Odmk wont take you anywhere,after the elections or even before ,the elected president wont even recognise you…and you wont even come closer to his house maid…so let it be….butdoisay…
By Clay Onyango

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