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Old age is appreciated by many as having fully lived the so called life? When one gets 50 years they always get the best birthday ever…off course thats a good age to celebrate…but wait when you click 90 years..then you regret why you ever lived….the aging process begins and things start falling apart.Whats the difference between being old in Africa and being old in Europe?

In Africa,at least you have relatives,children and friends who would care for you unlike in Europe where you would end up in homes to be taken care of by strangers.I understand some old people really go through hell in these homes.There are some behaviours that you cannot avoid at an old age like mummuring to yourself… peeing on yourself….excreting on yourself and so on.Some of these behavious  do irritate these so called workers who are paid to take  care of them and they end up mistreating them. Sometime back,i was eating in a restaurant that happened to be in one of these homes…and i was observing what was going around ..there was an old woman approximately 85 years i guess with her guardian,i did not observe any mistreatment..but i did observe one of these behavious…she was about to drink tea and as she was picking up the cup of tea…she did not really pick up the cup..but she thought she did..so she lifts up her empty hand as if she was  holding the cup and then drinks the empty hand…and then puts the empty hand back to the table as if it was the cup…she did this several times without realising that she was drinking nothing. Is it really worth getting this old?Only if God promises me to be normal all the way….butdoisay…

True story:Clay Onyango


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