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Whats so  wrong with our black African skin that we are hated and discriminated upon?We are discriminated even when we are sitting on the trains and no one dares to sit with us,even when you go to the public toilets and when you come out no one wants to go in…do we produce different odour from other races?I went to a department store in Stockholm and i felt like going for a short call,so i proceeded to the only toilet  that was available at the store.By then there was no queue…so the next person would not know who was inside..i opened the door…spent 2 minutes inside…did my thing,flashed and opened the door to leave…feeling so fresh,relieved like never before.The queue had become long and the next person was a lady,i quess from the middle east or Arab countries..do you know what she did?Butdoisay?When she saw this black African male opening the door i guess everything in that toilet went black..the water was black the  toilet seat was black…she just turned away and let the next person who was either Swedish or European go in…As much as i was relieved..i became so dissapointed and a bit embarrassed…i did not look back!!! I then remembered of a story a friend of mine told me when he was living in Germany…he was also living in a small town there..and as a male he did not have a girlfriend and so he surely missed some activities that males need to do..he could accompany his friends who were Polish and Romanians to brothels..to purchase the services rendered there…they would sit in a waiting room watching P films while waiting forthe next free prostitute..the white Romanians and polish males would purchase the services for 100 deutsch marks but they refuse to give any service to this black African friend…so he would try to convince them that he could even  pay double the price and they would still say NO….when asked why..they would say that if their white clients would see them with him..they would never come back again..so he turned to making use of the lotions and soaps…and he lived happily ever….butdoisay…

True story:By Clay Onyango


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7 Responses to “A BLACK/AFRICAN SKIN”

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ai yawa…hahaha
I heard this comment sometimes ago on tv, ‘i wish i were white to know how it feels to wish i were black’…butdoisay!!!

After all is said and done, I guess all we can do is take pride in who we are. My personal belief is that anyone who discriminates or looks down upon someone is the one with the problem not me. I love me silly and someone with inferiority complex issues is not gonna make me feel bad about my wonderful self. IAM HOT COZ AM BLACK…THEY AINT COZ THEY R NOT…..Butdoisay!

The people are just jealous of our beautiful black skins, plus they are jealous coz they have tiny tweeny weenies….butdoisay!!!!!!!!!



Baba Nanii,
once again we agree on something.

Good one pauline. Its right coz we´re all the same colour when you turn off the lights too. beryl yawa..butdoyousay…loving the Mims lyrical twist.”I´m hot coz I´m black” PRICELESS!!

Sema clay,
aki like 1 week ago iwas called “sale negre” meaning dirty nigger in french lol..This is what the french man says when he thinks he wants to put a black person down…butdoisay… i couldnt keep quiet , i told them to go eff off somewhere in my beautiful french and said i was proud to be just that….. dirty and a nigger… my black colleSagues and i still laugh about that.. likse beryl and mukami says… am HOT COZ AM BLACK.. U AINT COZ U NOT…..

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