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Do you remember the teenage games we used to play when we were teenagers?What about the teenage relationships we had,we had teenage girlfriends and we did not know where to take them for some romance,since we were either living with our parents or relatives.We would take them to the maize plantation or for a luxury accomodation,we would prefer the bush since the grass was softer there,what we forgot was that we were in Africa and in Africa we have snakes and other reptiles in the bush….I cannnot remember how many times we used to take off just after a few kisses…when we saw the grass moving..this used to cut short our luxurious romance in the bush…I remember one time a friend of mine by the name  Benji took her girlfriend to one of this luxury picnic in the bush to make it out…and as they were on the process of foreplay steps…the thing is after removing her Pants ..to keep them safe ,you would store them in your trousers pockets…so Benji stored them into his trousers pockets and fortunately that day the grass did not move…but something big happened…he was attacked by thieves and so they had to take off…each on different direction.This affairs usually happened at night when it was dark so that no one would see you on the process….Benji calls me around midnight and informs me that he forgot the girlfriends pants in his pocket and he did not know what to do…my advice was “goo oout and throoow it somewhere”!!! I guess thats what he did…butdoisay continues…

True story:By Clay Onyango


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6 Responses to “TEENAGE ROMANCE..”

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hahahaha..Clay, no comment!…butdoisay!!!

Hehehehehe…thank God I wasnt a teenager…lol…butdoisay!!

Beryl..then you missed alot…butdoisay!!!

Thanx God i was raised in the city!!!!!!!!!!!!


clay wee ni chizi lol.. but do i say,,

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