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Ever thought of smelling a gun?..leave alone being shot by a gun..one never knows when it would come..its like death that just comes suddenly…you are driving your nice car in the streets of Nairobi and then suddenly the unthinkable happens…you are attacked by thugs and they demand cash,mobile and other properties..or maybe just going to fuel at a petrol station and the unthinkable happens….well it happened to me some time back…i had just eaten my dinner and i was on the vurge of washing my hands after a good meal prepared by my sister in law,it was raining heavely…you know the African tropical rain that makes you sleep until you forget there are problems in Africa.We heard a big bang at the gate..bang bang bang…i mean we are abit well off ..so we do have a mansion,a compound and a steel gate….bang bang..and i went to check who it was inorder to open the door…there were three males..demanding to talk to Clay…i responded that i was the one….and who are you?? The Kenya police!!!answered one of them,so i opened the door…immediately after opening the door…the gun was inside my nostril…i guess thats why its big….hell was breaking loose coz i could only breath through one .They pulled me in the rain asking …where is the camera?Where is the camera?I did not know what camera they were talking about..as we were walking heading towards some apartments…still with the gun inside my nose…i remembered ooh,i bought a camera a month ago…and i had actually sold it..could it have been stolen or what?Well,i was not wrong…they knocked the door to an apartment that we were heading to and found a lady who happened to be a sister of the person who sold the camera to me…we sat down as if we were in court…and the case begun…well i knew the person who bought it and i promised them to get in touch with him the next day.I was forced to pay kitu kidogo(a bribe) of 700 shillings before they released me.Back home my family was worried because i just left without any notice and they were looking for me in the rain…poor them…by then we did not have mobiles,they spent 3 hrs moving from different locations trying to locate me in vain…..i still have a smell of the gun…butdoisay..

True story: By Clay Onyango


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One Response to “A GUN IN MY NOSE…”

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You are lucky, not everybody is lucky. I have
also had a brush with the gun. My neighbours
were being thrashed by the police and I thought
that they were thugs, so I ran out quickly calling
my other neighbours only to be stoped by a gun on
my head. The feeling….. butdoisay.

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