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Some years ago when i was working for Mcdonalds as a cleaner,i came a cross a purse in the restaurant area..i used to start work at midnight when everybody else was gone…i was abit scared to touch the purse because i thought it was a booby trap..i started doing my heart aching and beating very fast..coz i had a ticket to travel the next day to Kenya…and frankly speaking i had not so much pocket money for the trip.After sometime..i decided to open the purse and have a look…to my surprise…there was a bundle of 500 kronors…tied together..i decided to open them and count…i counted the first bundle that was about 35000 kronors and then i took the other one that was  approximately..15000 kronor.In the purse there was an Algerian female passport…what should i do i asked myself… i picked the phone and called my  friend for an advice…it was around 0130 after midnight,he was like… just take the money you fool…what are you waiting for?I called him like 3 times that night just to get an advice one more time…..and i got the same advice…..butdoisay…..i never did….

True story:By Clay Onyango


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Baba nanii!!
My God you a fool…butdoisay!!!
Apr 29, 9:23 AM

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